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Mobile games are an exciting method for self-learning and, in the course of digitization, an opportunity for integration into school lessons and youth work. In 'Sibel's Journey' the players can interactively deal with the content themselves without having an adult beside them. This opens space for finding their own identity, dealing with their own body, norms and their own limits and discovering the diversity of different people
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 Sibel's Journey
 Sibel's Journey
 Sibel's Journey
 Sibel's Journey
 Sibel's Journey
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About this project

Funding period 4/21/21 11:41 AM - 5/19/21 12:00 PM
Realisation 06/2021 - ongoing
Start level 10,000 €

So we can implement 3 more mini games for more fun: the Gender Unicorn, a consent game and a mini game on body norms / body shapes

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City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

"I'm Sibel and the main character in the story of the computer game Sibel's Journey. My father and I moved away from Berlin a year ago. I thought it was really stupid because all my friends are in Berlin! I especially miss my best friend Sarah very much . And also my aunt Meral and Knut, all of them! But this weekend I'm going to visit them. And I'm going to surprise Sarah by coming one day earlier. But psst! "

As the game progresses, the players are introduced to in-depth knowledge and a positive attitude towards the diversity of sexualities, genders and bodies. We pursue an intersectional approach and bring young people closer to topics such as

  • Different gender identities
  • Forms of desire
  • Feelings
  • Own limits
  • Healthy relationships
  • Body images
  • Anatomy
  • Safer Sex
  • And many more ...

In the game, Sibel encounters loads of exciting characters with whom she gets to learn about different ways of living and loving..
The learning material is playfully discovered by the young people themselves over the course of the four episodes. You deal with the question "What is normal?", Your own experiences and your own identity. Right from the start they have to make their own decisions and apply the knowledge they have acquired in the course of the game. In four 20-minute episodes, the game introduces the youngsters to the following four subject areas:

  • Gender
  • Body
  • Sexuality
  • Consens

The game can be played by anyone with a Mac or PC, smartphone or tablet. This is how we give many people easy access to it.
Important to know: it will not go on sale, but will be given out exclusively for educational use. for schools, organizations, clubs etc. with which we work.

  • Genre: Narrative Game, Adventure, Puzzle
  • Plattformen: PC/Mac/Mobile
  • Engine: HTML5
  • Spieldauer: 80 - 120 min
What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Sibel’s Journey is the first game like that and should be made available to as many schools, organizations and young people as possible. Nationally and internationally and most of all free of charge. The first four episodes were designed for adolescents between 10 and 14 years. In the future, playable episodes are to be developed for all age groups. In addition, Sibel's Journey should also be available in several languages, So far we have been able to secure a German and an English version thanks to funding and donations. A Turkish, Arabic, French and Spanish version are also planned. But any other language would also be possible to implement.

However, Sibel's Journey is not just an exciting experience for young people. We are sure that everyone can playfully learn one or the other or deepen their knowledge

We are already supported nationally and internationally by various organizations, for example: Landesverband AndersARTiG e.V., dem Jugendzentrum KUSS41, Queerformat or the Turkish Family Health and Planning Foundation. This is how we ensure that the game is included in youth work, school work and the further training of teachers. We are always open to new collaborations and always looking for new synergies.

Why would you support this project?

Sibel’s Journey is the first online educational game in Germany for young people between 10 and 14 years about gender, sexuality, body and personal boundaries. With the game we pursue an intersectional approach and convey topics such as anatomy, body images, gender identities, communication, healthy relationships, contraception and much more.

Mobile games are now a tested method for self-learning and, in the course of digitization, an opportunity for integration into school lessons and youth work. Such an online game does not yet exist and we see great potential for Sibel's Journey to be included as a part of the school curriculum and training courses.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With the first funding goal of 10,000 Euros, we can integrate 3 more mini-games:

  • Gender Unicorn Game: Exploration of concepts of gender and sex with interactive sliders and explanations. The player explores dimensions such as identity, expression, biological sex and orientation by means of the gender unicorn model. In addition to playfully trying out different combinations, the player is encouraged to become aware of his or her own expressions. Furthermore, characters from the game explain their own individual expressions, thus illustrating the diversity of possibilities and at the same time showing that there is no such thing as "normal" or "abnormal".
  • Consent Game: The meaning of consent is conveyed on the basis of concrete everyday situations. The player interprets a reaction of another person or weighs up between a person's gut feeling and the expectations of the other person - and then chooses between two possible answers. The player's choice is then commented on to illustrate the importance of consent.
  • Body Norms Game: the variety of body shapes is illustrated while conveying the message "Every body is a good body."

Of course, every additional euro we'll spend for the development and above all into the further development of new episodes. We have enough ideas :-) Most of the team is working with all their strength on the project on a voluntary basis, because we believe very much in our vision. However, we are so dependent on funding and support. But together we can do it!

Who are the people behind the project?

Having founded in 2019 in Berlin, we have set ourselves the goal of developing computer games about gender, sexuality and identity.

Our team is made up of experienced and well-rehearsed players from the Berlin games industry and educational specialists. We are as diverse as the characters in Sibel's Journey. Our team consists mainly of women, non-binary trans people, queers, migrants and mothers of teenagers!

Some of us have already worked together on the development of the award-winning game "Laika".

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Our Partners

"Thank You" to Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg Queerformat Landesverband AndersArtig Bundesverband Digitale Bildung e.V. gemeinsam einzigartig Gerede e.V. #wirfürVielfalt Kuss41 Crowdfunding Campus GmbH SRH Hochschule Heidelberg


Thank you to Siegessäule - Berlins queeres Stadtmagazin

Sibel's Journey

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