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SICA Clipping Up - Nachhaltige Fair Trade Taschen aus Bangladesch
SICA Clipping UP is the newest project of the Brazilian label SICA: upcycled colorful bags, which are made by a social initiative in Bangladesh. The hand woven bags are very beautiful and high-quality. From the laptop case to the bike pannier, everybody finds the bag that suits to its daily activities. On top of that, the bags are ecological and social responsible. Textile waste gets recycled at the same time people from rural community of Bangladesh profit directly from the production.
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About this project

Funding period 4/9/14 4:05 PM - 5/7/14 11:59 PM
Realisation September 2014
Start level 5,000 €
Category Fashion
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

SICA Clipping Up is a project that minimizes post-industrial waste in the fashion sector by developing
new functional products for conscious consumers.

Based in Bangladesh, the project locally sources jersey waste – clippings - from its massive garment industry and turns it into a new line of functional colourful bags.

SICA Clipping Up bags are hand woven by craftswomen in Rangpur, a poor decentralized area of Bangladesh. SICA Clipping Up bags are hand woven by craftswomen in Rangpur, north of Bangladesh. These women are part of “Village Produced”, a social business that provides job opportunities in rural decentralized areas of Bangladesh.

SICA’s aim is to support these women within their communities by raising employment, manufacturing skills and working standards.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

This crowdfunding campaign aims to finance production implementation and first manufacturing of SICA Clipping Up.

Production implementation consists of training the artisans of the social business “Village Produced” to make long lasting bags. Simone Simonato will fly to Bangladesh end of May in order to refine techniques, patterns, finishing and quality control. First bag production and future orders depend on this very important phase.

First manufacturing consists of producing the fisrt bags, the ones for you and more fot the online shop. Buying one of the first SICA Clipping Up bags is special!!

SICA Clipping Up crowdfunding is not only about one production. It is also setting up business in Germany to distribute SICA Clipping Up products. Reaching a broader conscious audience and distribution channels will maintain the business in the long term.

SICA Clipping Up will continue working with Village Produced on regularly. The aim is to maintain the jobs already existed and generate new ones. The whole community is benefited once families raise income and life expectancy. Part of future revenues will finance social projects in Rangpur.

Why would you support this project?

Simone believes that developing the designs closer to manufacturers, she has a deeper understanding on their working practice and every-day needs. That way, together they can have a new ways of doing business. It benefits communities in need by providing functional products.

Be part of SICA Clipping Up!
By supporting this crowdfunding campaign, you can:

1. Own a practical and outstanding bag.

2. Support the rural community of Rangpur, north of Bangladesh.

3. Help the fashion sector to become more sustainable by reducing industrial waste.

4. Contribute to fair working conditions in fashion.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

The success of the crowdfunding will allow covering the following costs:

- Travel expenses from Germany to Bangladesh in end of May;

- Material purchase for first production;

- Manufacturing first production;

- Taxes and transport expenses of first production;

- Setting up legal forms of SICA business in Germany and SICA online shop;

If SICA Clipping Up is overfunded, the first production will be expanded. The profit made will develop future productions to be distributed at SICA online shop and other channels. Sales success leads to SICA business expansion generating greater and regular income to the social business in Bangladesh.

Who are the people behind the project?

The workers of "Village Produced" social business, most of them women: main reason for this project to happen.

Tauhid Bin Abdus: the young open-minded entrepreneur from Dhaka, founder of "Village Produced".

Karl Borgschulze and Ozan Oezdemir (CSI - Consultancy Service International): supporters of the project since the beginning.

Simone Simonato: conceptualizing SICA Clipping Up, designing and realizing the project.

Johann Angermann from (Guts for Change): helping to send out the message through the crowdfunding video

Jule Berens: great supporter and idealizer, part of the team SICA Clipping Up.

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SICA Clipping Up - Nachhaltige Fair Trade Taschen aus Bangladesch

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