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because also refugees want to be normal tax payer

Even after 3 years, many refugees still have not found a job. At our premises in the Solinger City, we want to create a MIKRO market that offers refugees and other needy people the opportunity to start their own business as a small business. Volunteers help them with all tasks, such. For example, in the business registration, accounting, etc. to the founders can take over even this work itself.
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Funding period
4/9/18 - 5/9/18
ab 01.07.2018
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Minimum amount (Start level): 10,000 €

6000 € for rent, operating and energy costs for 12 months, 3000 € for equipment z. B. Nähmachine, hairdressing equipment, coffee shop, etc., 1000 € for gifts

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What is this project all about?

It is about the many refugees who have been living in Germany for the last 3 years and unfortunately couldn´t find a job until today. In their home countries they were self employed merchants, hairdressers, bakers, coffeehouse owners or taxi drivers etc. They want to earn their living in a dignified manner an stop being a refugee.

We would like to give these people a perspective and make it possible for us to become self-employed with our help.

We give room ...

... and would like to make available our 250 sqm large, centrally located shop-space, for setting up smaller shops. All small-shops are owned by refugees in cooperation with German long-term unemployed who face a similar challenge. They current start-ups include

  • a tailor,
  • a hairdresser,
  • a hair removal studio,
  • a cafe,
  • a bakery,
  • a computer shop,
  • an electric repair shop,
  • a seminar room for general integration & education topics such as German courses, homework help and computer courses for the golden age.

The individual start-up founders legally initiate and register a business and our volunteers help with all administrative and marketing topics (advertising, bookkeeping, correspondence, etc.). The individual founder can initially focus only on his actual work and gradually take over more and more responsibilities. Our community "keeps their backs free"! So they can fulfill their dream and integrate again in Society in a dignified and productive manner.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?


  • 1.refugees
  • 2.Long-term unemployed
  • 3.Disabled person
  • 4.Diseased people
  • insurance

u. a.



With our help, refugees can become self-employed by using their working experience, accumulated in their home countries.

Long-term unemployed

Many long-term unemployed people no longer have the courage to work. Unemployment is a temporary situation, that unfortunately became permanant. Due to combination of family reasons, illness or other negative experiences. Through our model they can integrate again into a working environment in a gradual manner: Firstly on a volontary basis without specific target requirementes and obligations and then gradually work their way up to full integration in the business.

People with disabilities

The same applies to people with disabilities. They also have the opportunity to participate in the individual entrepreneurs accompanied by our community.

People living from social security HARTZ 4

Many people who have to live from the social security plan HARTZ 4 have great fears and do not dare to do anything anymore. These people really thrive when you let them join in without pressure. They then become a volunteer, who can help other people. This makes them strong again and gives them a whole new self-confidence.

Health insurance - participation makes you well again!

When a person has found a place where he is respected and, beyond that, can contribute something to himself and his fellow human beings, it has a particularly positive effect on their mental status and health.

Our goal is ...

... to further promote the integration of refugees, but also of all people, and work together with them for the future of all of us. The personal relationship of all concerned is the infinitely important lubricant of success.

The togetherness - for each other is the basis that gives people "courage to do" again .

Without fear of in-ability failure.

Our target group are our neighbors, in the same street, neighborhood, town.

Neighbors must get to know each other again and support each other. We want to persuade many small entrepreneurs to revive our city - Solingen for their fellow human beings and for themselves! The refugees should become a 100% member of our society and later even help to create a space of self-realization for all those locals, living here in Germany that are less fortunate, lonely or disabled people.

Why would you support this project?

It is about meaningful and dignified life.

During the past 3 years of our activity as non-profit, charity organization (Flüchtlingshilfe Solingen), we have noticed that many people who do not have a meaningful task uring the day get sick because they see themselves as "not good" anymore. The dignity of these people is very much under attack, and the new common goals and the cerainty of being supported by a whole team of people gives or projekct that special kind of magic.

More jobs should be created.

In addition, in the second stage, internships are also planned, temporary jobs, but also to create one or the other permanent position and to give the long-term unemployed the opportunity to advance the individual enterprises. Single parents could have their children looked after by a dedicated day-care playgroup.

The community would solve all needs among themselves and act together. Everyone would find their task and could participate in the social life again.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Financing the premises for our MIKRO market concept

We need the money to to execute these specific projects, continue operating our premises in Solingen on Ufergarten street, thus giving people their space for self-realization.

If, in addition, money is available, we would like to be able to offer MIKRO loans to encourage the start-ups even more.

Who are the people behind the project?

And that's the interesting thing about our project. The refugees and the needy themselves are the ones who came up with this project. Behind this project are mainly refugees and German needy and volunteers (together more than 60 active people), who are involved several times a week in our premises at Ufergarten 25 in Solingen. These people (meanwhile more refugees than Germans !!) would like to give something wonderful back to Germany, stop being a burden on the social-system as fast as possible and become a full member of our society.


The crowdfunding project was not successful and can no longer be supported.

  • All orders and payments have been automatically cancelled and reversed.
  • You have questions? Contact the Startnext support team.
What does this mean? 
Legal notice
Flüchtlingshilfe Solingen e. V.
Saskia Frings
Ufergarten 25
42651 Solingen

Our association is non-profit and we are concerned with the support of refugees, free of religion, free of party politics, free of violence. We wish each other respect and let us finish.
Information can be found here:
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FACEBOOK "Flüchtlingshilfe Solingen"

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