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"Starting a Revolution" is a business book for anybody who believes that a new way of working is possible. We have interviewed some of the world’s most progressive female entrepreneurs and now we want to share with you their radical management approaches and lessons learned. With your support, this book has the potential to turn the world of work on its head.
13,137 €
20,000 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
Sponsored by Crowdfunding Berlin


Funding period 2/19/19 5:36 PM o'clock - 3/20/19 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period March - July 2019
Funding goal reached 10,000 €

This will enable us to get the book designed, printed and to market it to even more people.

2nd Funding goal 20,000 €

If we hit our original target we would like to raise enough to get the book translated into German.

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Bildband &quot;Strong Women behind a Strong Coffee&quot;
Bildband "Strong Women behind a Strong Coffee"
Gemeinsam ein Buch der Fotografin Denyse Uwera über starke Frauen im ruandischen Kaffeesektor realisieren und das Bild afrikanischer Frauen ändern!
9,710 € (57%) 3 days
Haus der Stille
Movie / Video
Haus der Stille
Ist ein Film, in dem eine Autorin von einem Mann an ihre physischen und psychischen Grenzen gebracht wird - doch ganz so einfach, ist es nicht.
5,485 € (37%) 45 days
Food Forest Future
Movie / Video
Food Forest Future
How can food forests make a change in the current food production system. 3 years of tangible research become a documentary film.
3,309 € (55%) 38 days
How to win Cannes in 5 easy steps
Movie / Video
How to win Cannes in 5 easy steps
Ein mittlerweile erfolgloser Regisseur versucht verzweifelt seinen Erstlingserfolg zu wiederholen, doch sein Projekt droht zu scheitern.
3,910 € (130%) 8 days