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Steam Noir: Revolution
„Steam Noir: Revolution" is a card game by Daniel Danzer, illustrated by Felix Mertikat, creator of the comic book series "Steam Noir - Das Kupferherz", where the story of the game also is situated. We want to provide the game in a first, small edition truly according to our imagination to gamers, comic fans and steampunk aficionados.
19,275 €
7,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
 Steam Noir: Revolution
 Steam Noir: Revolution
 Steam Noir: Revolution
 Steam Noir: Revolution


Funding period 3/13/13 8:31 PM o'clock - 5/12/13 11:59 PM o'clock
Funding goal 7,000 €
Category Games
City Stuttgart

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Update vom 27.01.2014 Regeln deutsch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xa57u26uytc0nxn/SNR_deutsch_LoRes.pdf English rules: https://www.dropbox.com/s/un0jri7xr63715t/SNR_english_LoRes.pdf Aktuelle Händlerliste / current retailers list: Deutschland: Allgames4you, Essen · www.allgames4you.de - SOLD OUT Comix, Hannover · www.comix-hannover.de Kai’s Welt der Spiele, Wolfsburg milan-spiele, Wardenburg · www.milan-spiele.de - SOLD OUT spiel mit! – Die Spieleberater, Padenstedt · www.die-spieleberater.de Spielgilde, Diez · www.spielgilde.de - SOLD OUT Spieltraum, Osnabrück · www.spieltraum.de - SOLD OUT Österreich: Planet Harry, Wien · www.planetharry.at France: Philibert, Strasbourg · www.philibertnet.com Greece: Papercut comics & games, Heraklion · www.papercut.gr Great Britain: Shire Games, Stoke-on-Trent · www.shiregames.com - SOLD OUT Taiwan: TableGames, Taipei · www.tablegames.tw

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Daniel Danzer
Hessenwiesenstraße 23
70565 Stuttgart Deutschland

spielpunk - Danzer & Mertikat GbR
Steuernummer: 93259/00416


Planet Harry

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