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Berlin's metal choir is planning a live album: Unplugged, recorded live and you can be a part of it!

12 voices, no instruments – that's Stimmgewalt. We interpret and arrange a cappella versions of metal, gothic and rock songs. This time we're planning a tour that will evoke our world of sound while also providing the material for a live album. Pure metal choir music at special venues with exceptional acoustics – that's the goal. Please help us to accomplish this! As an incentive, we've come up with a variety of great perks for you (more to come).
Funding period
5/31/17 - 8/1/17
Tour dates: 30 Sep to 3 Oct
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2,500 €
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What is this project all about?

After having been the cherry on other bands' cakes or the little metal choir snack before dinner for while, we now have our eyes set on our first very own tour. We'll not only present old favourites from our previous releases but also reveal some new arrangements of metal and rock songs.

To this end, we'll be touring Germany from 30 Sep to 3 Oct. So far, Berlin, Wilhelmshaven and Hannover are confirmed. More to come.

You want us to come to our beautiful city? Just shoot us a message and we'll see what we can do.

As it's been a while since our last release, we've planned something special for this tour: Each concert will be recorded live by Bastian Emig (Van Canto, In Legend) and will then be available right after the gig on USB-drive or CD.

But wait, there's more: After the tour we will release a "best of" of these recordings as a live album.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

You're into artists like Rammstein, Van Canto, ASP, Orphaned Land or Maybebop? You like a cappella music? Then you should check out our acoustic tour where we'll present songs by these and other bands with that different Stimmgewalt sound flavour.

It's our goal to allow our music a bit more time to shine than usual. We'd also like to reach our fans in Germany who so far haven't been able to make it to our gigs in Berlin or who don't know yet that we even exist. ;)

In addition, we want to capture the vibe of our shows and give people the opportunity to experience this live feeling at home.

Why would you support this project?

You'll have the unique opportunity to experience the premiere of newly arranged songs and to support independent, living, loved and, literally, organic music.

You will also be able to take the concert you went to home with you that very same evening in the form of audio files – or get one of your choice sent to you as a perk if you support us on here.

If this adventure is a success, we can grow from it and plan a bigger tour next time, hopefully also incorporating some international gigs.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

You'd think touring brought in money. However, a lot of it has to be spent in advance, something we unfortunately can't do on our own.

With the money raised here we'll pay for transportation from one city to the next, the venues, licensing fees (GEMA), the rental of recording equipment and our sound engineer, flyers, booklets... and if we're lucky, we might even have a place to sleep and some breakfast for our singers. Nyam!

With 2,500 Euro we'll be able to make this tour happen. With 3,500, we won't be starving and might find a couch or even bed to sleep on rather than mats on the floor. (No, we won't be travelling with sofas.)

If you're interested in the nitty gritty, you can find the details of our estimated budget below. The more we manage to raise, the safer we are and the more possibilities we have of improving the overall quality of the experience.

GEMA €200
car rental €400
gas €300
accomodation €390
USB-drives for recordings €500
recording equipment (rental) €500
fee for technician €500
flyers and posters €200

7% of the money raised will also go to Startnext and the service handling the financial side of things.

Who are the people behind the project?

Stimmgewalt are Alina, Anne, Ben, Ferdi, Jan, Jonathan, Léa, Luna, Matthias, Robert, Steffi and a mysterious 12th person. You'll get an idea of what we do on YouTube and Bandcamp.

Bastian Emig (Van Canto, In Legend) will support us during the rehearsal process and also take care of recording our shows.

Financial support comes from... you! THANK YOU!


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