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Special. Meaningful. Sustainable. Charming. Is how I wished Forró Shoes to be for myself and the world . And is what I have developed. The sustainable TATI'S FLOWERS FORRÓ SHOES. Made of cork. Made with love. Let us all blossom together!
2,142 €
10,000 € Funding goal
Project finished
 TATI'S FLOWERS - Forró Shoes made of CORK
 TATI'S FLOWERS - Forró Shoes made of CORK
 TATI'S FLOWERS - Forró Shoes made of CORK
 TATI'S FLOWERS - Forró Shoes made of CORK


Funding period 10/1/19 10:37 AM o'clock - 11/5/19 12:00 PM o'clock
Realisation period from December 2019
Funding goal 10,000 €

WIth this amount 100 pairs of TATI'S FLOWERS FORRÓ SHOES can be produced with cork also on the outer surface

2nd Funding goal 20,000 €

You liked my idea of Forró Shoes made of cork? Then what about we go for 200 pairs? You vote to choose the colours and patterns after the campaign!

Category Fashion
City Stuttgart
What is this project all about?

Last year at the end of springtime TATI'S FLOWERS FORRÓ SHOES first collection made with cork insoles blossomed into the world. And since then already more than 100 pairs of shoes are enchanting the streets and dance floors in Europe.

Why with cork?
Because I wanted to do something special. Something special and meaningful. For me and for the environment.

Cork is a material that is natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly, recyclable and renewable. This can be said not only about the material itself, but also about the extraction and manufacturing processes.

For centuries cork has been used in various ways and more and more uses of this material keep being discovered. And so, came the idea to use cork not only as insole, but also as shoes outer surfaces.

For this, I selected a cork type that is water-repellent and also available in various patterns too, to please all tastes ;-) !

With the shoes production located in Portugal, I have the advantage of being in a country where the quality of shoes production is known to be high and where I also know myself around. And in addition I was also able to ensure that the transport of goods within Europe is short, as well as the transport of cork itself, since large cork tree forests are located in the southern region of Portugal called Alentejo. A low CO2 footprint!

Whenever I wear one of my TATI'S FLOWERS FORRÓ SHOES myself - dancing, or at other events like weddings - I am often approached and asked where I bought them! Many admire how beautiful, practical & feminine the shoes are - even though they are flat shoes! As a result, I noticed that these shoes can be worn much more often than "just" on the dance floor.

Therefore, with this crowdfunding campaign I not only want to finance the first collection of shoes with cork outer surface, but also, as announced in the video: "to spread these sustainable FORRÓ SHOES throughout the world!"

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

TATI'S FLOWERS has a Mission to make the inner flowers in each one of us blossom.

On the one hand, through beautiful, sustainable products.
On the other hand, by inspiring other people to be themselves and go their own way.

My target group is women and Forró female dancers, who want feminine, beautiful and also comfortable, flat shoes that can be worn for other dances, events or as summer sandals.

Why would you support this project?

Because sustainability matters to you!
The more people buy cork products, the more cork trees need to be planted. Do not get me wrong! To extract cork out of the tree, no tree must be cut or die. The cork is harvested from the bark every 9 years and a cork tree can grow up to 300 years!
In addition, the harvested cork trees absorb 4 times more CO2 than non-harvested cork trees to generate new bark. It is estimated that the cork tree forests located in Portugal can absorb about 14 million tons of CO2 per year!

Because you want comfortable, beautiful and feminine shoes that match your favorite clothes ;)
Either in the basic colors, like red or black, or with flowery or ethnic patterns, or plain or printed cork - you will definitely find something you like!

Because you feel touched by my dream and idea and believe that we all deserve to live our dreams!
The world has changed and more and more we hear about projects sponsored by Crowdfunding. We dream of a lifestyle that brings meaning, joy, passion and fun to our hearts. Not all bankers understand that. But the CROWD – i.e. YOU - does!

Because you too - FORRÓZEIRA /O like me - believe Forró is worth more!

Forró is more than just a dance. It's an exchange. A hug. A heart opening experience. Something so special is also worth something special. Something special and sustainable. Because Forró, too, is worthy of being sustainable.

And of course...

Because you too want to blossom together with me!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

From your support, around 70 percent – the largest amount – will be invested in the production of the next collection. Then 15 percent for development, as for example shoe form for the shoe sizes 34, 35 and 42 in order to be able to satisfy also customers with smaller and larger sizes!

A commission of 3 percent goes to Startnext, so that we also support this amazing platform allowing more people to realize their dreams!

The rest will cover the campaign costs as well as some bureaucratic things, some related for example with the onlineshop.

Is the funding target exceeded? Even better! I already have several blossoming ideas in my heart <3! For instance, printing my business cards out of cork!

Who are the people behind the project?

Me, TATI. The founder of TATI'S FLOWERS.

A Brazilian with Portuguese roots, who fell in love with Forró in Stuttgart in 2014, changing therefore her whole life.
I am very grateful to Forró, as it is a dance that has helped me find my life and business motto: "Let us all blossom together!"

And who else is behind it?
YOU, who chose to be part of my dream!
YOU are also part of this project!

Let's all live our dreams and blossom together!


FACEBOOK; www.facebook.com/letsallblossomtogether
WEBSITE: www.tatisflowers.com
INSTAGRAM: tatisflowers_insta

Website & Social Media
Legal notice
Tatiana Maria Pereira Medon
Boeblinger Str. 43
70199 Stuttgart Deutschland

VAT-ID: DE318013898

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