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There is new bookshop in town… Small but independent, we give you great books from around the globe, a place to enjoy them and much much more

Our goal is to bring an independent bookstore to Bonn’s Südstadt. A small place where book lovers, writers and book clubs can meet, enjoy literature and a cup of tea in cosy atmosphere, run by a fellow book lover with her finger on the pulse of contemporary books and book culture. THE ART OF BOOKS will be committed to offering great books – classic, new, electronic, and audio – in both German and English for customers of all backgrounds. We need YOUR help to make the art of books a reality!
Funding period
7/24/19 - 8/22/19
late summer of 2019
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 8,000 €

This money will help us build lovely tall and wooden bookshelves, giving all our books a place to stay while waiting for someone to pick them up and take home.

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The Art Of Books
Doris Graß
Bonner Talweg 28a
53113 Bonn Deutschland

8/17/19 - Ein großes DANKEschön an Sonja vom General...

Ein großes DANKEschön an Sonja vom General Anzeiger!

7/26/19 - Da fehlte doch noch etwas... nämlich der Link...

Da fehlte doch noch etwas... nämlich der Link zur Website, über die ihr bald auch auf den THE ART OF BOOKS -webshop zugreifen könnt! Ist ja auch wichtig.

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Making THE ART OF BOOKS a reality
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