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Our goal is to bring an independent bookstore to Bonn’s Südstadt. A small place where book lovers, writers and book clubs can meet, enjoy literature and a cup of tea in cosy atmosphere, run by a fellow book lover with her finger on the pulse of contemporary books and book culture. THE ART OF BOOKS will be committed to offering great books – classic, new, electronic, and audio – in both German and English for customers of all backgrounds. We need YOUR help to make the art of books a reality!
8,135 €

About this project

Funding period 7/24/19 5:46 PM - 8/22/19 11:59 PM
Realisation late summer of 2019
Start level 8,000 €

This money will help us build lovely tall and wooden bookshelves, giving all our books a place to stay while waiting for someone to pick them up and take home.

Category Literature
City Bonn

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What is this project all about?

A bookshop is more than just a retail business.
A bookshop is a magnet around which culture and conversation gathers. Bookstores inspire, delight, and spark the imagination.
A place to meet, think, dream, a place perhaps to fall in love - with a new author or the person sitting next to you - bookshops foster relationships, personal and collective growth.
Even in our age of dizzying technological advances, a good, nurturing independent bookshop is an irreplaceable and integral part of a community and our society.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The people supporting this project and I, we are firm belivers in the power and value of books and bookstores in shaping and cohering communities. By opening an independent bookshop I feel honored to share my longheld passion for books, reading, and conversing about them in a friendly atmosphere.

I am committed to shaping THE ART OF BOOKS as a gathering place and introduce a tradition of literary events at the shop. I will endeavor to widen the store's literary reach, highlighting small publishers and books you might not discover elsewhere, and recommend them with heartfelt passion. And I will aim to make the shop a hub of learning and discovery, bringing in new ideas and educational experiences for all ages.

Why would you support this project?

If nothing else, I've heard from many people that seeing independent bookshops continue to open, expand, and change hands in the age of such supposed doom and gloom about the printed word inspires hope. I see part of this project's impact in contributing to that sense of hope, and reminding Bonn and the wider community that bookshops still have a place here.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Opening an independent bookshop is no pony farm, as a German idiom will have it. It needs community support to make it a successful reality.

THE ART OF BOOKS asks for your contribution to strengthen the much needed investment capital. To offer a broad bilingual selection of great books, we need some 25.000 euro. On top of that, all these brilliant pieces literally need a place to stay while waiting for someone to pick them up and take home.
I will use the collected money to build bookshelves – and because there isn't much space in the shop: they will be high shelves. .
If - on top - we make the 12.000 euro mark as well, I will be able to throw some book steps and leaders into the mix, so you and I will be able to reach the books from up there.

I realize that there are innumerable ventures, projects, and organizations in need of financial support and that everyone has dreams they are chasing. If you are unable to contribute financially but share my belief in the value of bookstores, I ask that you help spread the word.
As I hope I’ve made obvious: a bookstore is only as good as its community, however large and geographically dispersed that community is. I’d love for you to become a part of this one.

Who are the people behind the project?

... a sociologist by heart and habit, a young(--ish) but seasoned book lover with much enthusiasm for beauty and beautiful language...

After having worked some time in science I am again drawn away from rather dry articles and journal papers towards real books - wonderful books, that do their bit to brighten and better our lifes by making us experience and realize the world near and far, the big stuff and the little, hope and despair, possibilities and impossibilities...

Project updates

8/17/19 - Ein großes DANKEschön an Sonja vom General...

Ein großes DANKEschön an Sonja vom General Anzeiger!

7/26/19 - Da fehlte doch noch etwas... nämlich der Link...

Da fehlte doch noch etwas... nämlich der Link zur Website, über die ihr bald auch auf den THE ART OF BOOKS -webshop zugreifen könnt! Ist ja auch wichtig.

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