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An animated scifi series on the edge of the universe - 7000 years in the future on a path between dimensions...

"The Cubus Anthology" is an animated webseries to support as many artists as possible. Many of us lose their contracts and jobs because of the "corona crisis" and we are facing serious financial problems. Let's use all this unwanted free time and turn it into a creative energy boost to produce a scifi webseries with warp speed!
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3/20/20 - 4/10/20
Spring - Summer 2020
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What is this project all about?

The times are hard for self-employed artists and other freelancers. With this campaign we not only want to help as many filmmakers, designers, vfx artists, actors and composers as possible, we also want to create and phantastic, colorful, dark, bright, funny, scary und thrilling science fiction webseries. We want to use all the infinite possibilities that come with animation!

Different artrists from different places in the world can make their own small episode (1 to 10 minutes) that is unique both in terms of artistic style and story. That way we can combine 3d-animated episodes, cell shading, pixal art stories or even stop motion animations to a unique piece of international scifi art. Artist from all over the world can support and work with each other.

Because I think that the genre science fiction has lost a bit of its
creative freedom in the last decades (remember Asimov, Lem or Dick?) we are interested in stories that take us far away from our (dystopian) reality. Galaxies far far away, parallel universes or a time thousands of years in the future is what we are looking for.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

It is our goal to produce at least a handful of episodes. 3 is the minimum that we barely manage to make with the minum goal of 5000 Euros.

But of course we want to make more! The more money we get, the more artists we can support and the more episodes we can make.

Our target audience is of course every scifi fan but first of all it's people who want to support and help artists in this crisis.

Why would you support this project?

We all nedd good stories and someone who can tell them. That's why we shouldn't forget about the storytellers right now.

The "Corona crisis" hits all of us, either directly in terms of health or indirectly in a financial way or because of the restrictions we have to face right now. And right now, as most of us are locked in in one way or another, every story we are being told is worth more than all the stupid toilet paper in the world (I still don't get, why people are going crazy over this more than about food...)

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money will be used to help as many artists as possible at least a little bit with their costs like rent or food... or toilet paper.
It will be far less than a usual honorary for their art but even a small amount of money can provide a bit of safety and take away some of the fear and the worries.

As an example: If we can get the minimum goal of 5000 Euros we have to subtract taxes and the costs for the rewards (we deliberately chose rewards in this case, that won't cost that much. I hope you can understand this because we want the artists to get as much money as possible). So maybe there will be 4500 Euros left (taxes are higher, I'm afraid, but let's just go with that number).
If we hire two filmmakers, a sounddesigner and composer and maybe an actor and each one gets the same share, everybody will get 1125 Euros. We should be able to produce 3 episodes with this.

Again, the more money we get, the more artists we can hire and the more episodes we can produce.

Who are the people behind the project?

Project founder and series creator is the german filmmaker, screenwriter, vfy artist and lecturer Daniel Raboldt who finished his first feature film last year, the science fiction thriller "A Living Dog" that was on the festival circuit until the corona crisis started. He also worked as a writer, director and vfx artist on the shortform series "TubeHeads".

Also part of the team is filmmaker Thorsten Franzen, who was the producer and DoP of "A Living Dog", the german composer and musician Philipp Neumann. graphic designers Kivilcim Beine and Sabrina Berkhane and others.

Other artists have already told us they are interested in participating, either with screenplays, designs, voices or music. The bigger the team, the better the project.

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