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The Tiffin Project - Remove plastic from your take away
Convenience and great taste without harming our planet - This is what the future of take-away should be. Here at the The Tiffin Project we have developed a re-usable container for your take-away food. The idea is that you get your tasty meal in this box when you order from your take-away restaurant of choice. We do this because we are tiered of getting our food in so many unhealthy plastic containers. We think you should do it as well for your health and the environments.
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 The Tiffin Project - Remove plastic from your take away
 The Tiffin Project - Remove plastic from your take away
 The Tiffin Project - Remove plastic from your take away
 The Tiffin Project - Remove plastic from your take away
 The Tiffin Project - Remove plastic from your take away

About this project

Funding period 5/28/15 6:36 PM - 7/15/15 11:59 PM
Realisation Summer 2015
Minimum amount (Start level) 30,000 €
Category Food
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

We all know the drill: you may just get some sushi to-go or a pasta dish from the restaurant around the corner. But in the end what you get is not only your delicious meal, but also a pile of packaging. Disposable containers made of BPA, Polyamide, Polyethylene or Polystyrene are neither appetizing nor healthy.

These days, it is common knowledge that a part of this plastic gets into our food and therefore our bodies. It’s a fact that 500,000 take-away meals produce 119 tone garbage daily. 15 percent of this mass is unrecyclable and will eventually end up in our streets, our countryside and in our ocean. We think its time to make a change!

It is clear that we have moved beyond the pre-historic style of eating with our hands but maybe we have moved too quickly past some of the more traditional approaches to eating on the go. Due to our planets excessive take-away waste came the vision for a cleaner and brighter future, and here emerged The Tiffin Project.

With the Tiffin Box we have a solution that allows all foodies and restaurants maintain lifestyle and business without the mountain of garbage. This is very simple; instead of plastic you get your meal in the elegant Tiffin Box made of stainless steel. You don't have to bring your own box, you can just borrow one in the restaurant. Simply register or leave some deposit.

What’s in it for you?

  • Your food remains delicious
  • No harmful toxins in your food
  • Less waste at home and in your neighborhood
  • We think the Tiffin Box is more stylish than a plastic bag
What is the project goal and who is the project for?

What do we want to achieve?

  • Less waste. The Tiffin boxes reduce the overflow of wasteful packaging . Therefore less waste on our streets and in nature.
  • Environmental awareness. Our goal is to encourage people to have a more enviromentally concious approach to their day to day tasks.
  • Conserving resources. The production and multiple use of Tiffin boxes consume less energy and raw materials as the use of disposable tableware.
  • Pure enjoyment. In the stable steel box the meal does not only looks appetizing but also tastes better - without a plastic aftertaste and without harmful toxins.

Who do we want to address?
All people who have a desire to lead a healthy & environmentally friendly lifestyle. If everyone leads a more educated and concious lifestyle, we can make a huge difference for the environment.

Why would you support this project?

Because you care somewhat for your health and the enviroment. People are tired of hearing about health scandals and enviromental crisis’. We have the power to take action now and make a difference.

By taking action now you can show your favorite restaurants that you want no more plastic. You can tell them about the Tiffin Project. You can be part of the future and set a standard for your health and nature conservation with each box.

But if activist approach isn’t something that suits you right now, no worries. You can also simply eat convenient, delicious food and do something good for yourself and our earth too. Please support our project with your donation! In addition to good karma you can choose one of our many thank you goodies - there should be something for everyone.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Collectively we can finance The Tiffin Project. Your support will help us:

  • Start the Tiffin project in Berlin
  • - Equipe 10 restaurants in Berlin with the Tiffin Box
  • - Create the basis for the nationwide launch
Who are the people behind the project?

Behind the Tiffin project are the four of us: Mustafa, Hendrik, Veronika and Sabrina from ECO Brotbox. We’ve been thinking about the topic of waste prevention for quite a while and are pleased to offer a sustainable alternative to plastic boxes and disposable packaging with our toxin-free stainless steel lunch boxes.

Tired of plastic around his food and his family Mustafa founded Eco Brotbox 2014. Looking for a good alternative, he came across the stainless steel container from India that has proved their worth for more than 100 years in daily use. He decided to bring these practical boxes to Germany to encourage a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

After making our own lunchs toxin free it is now time to make take-away free of plastics. That is why we want to start the Tiffin Project.

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The Tiffin Project - Remove plastic from your take away

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