Like many other venues and cultural organisations around the world, Tresor has remained empty since March this year. We understand that this is a challenging financial time for many, and there are plenty of worthy causes to support, but if you've enjoyed your time at Tresor or OHM in the past, please consider buying some goods off this page. Please also add either Berlin/German, European or International shipment together with deliverable orders for the purchase to be complete.
104,211 €
100,000 € 2nd funding goal
 Tresor Never Sleeps
 Tresor Never Sleeps
 Tresor Never Sleeps

About this project

Funding period 7/28/20 2:43 PM - 8/18/20 11:59 PM
Realisation 21 days
Funding goal 100,000 €

Receipts from item sales will help Tresor offset some of the losses suffered due to the pandemic shutdown. 5% of the total goes to Detroit Justice Center.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the ongoing pandemic the amount of losses suffered by Tresor remains unclear. Every Euro helps.

Category Music
City Berlin
Legal notice
Tresor Records GmbH
Dimitri Hegemann
Köpenicker Strasse 70
10179 Berlin Germany

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