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Undune is a documentary about an alternative place to do your “business”, the resurrection of an ancient method from the Amazons region and the battle of a few innovative people to dry up the wasteful culture of water toilets: Instead of using drinking water to flush away and destroy our manure, it can be transformed into a valuable resource - black soil or terra preta.
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5/13/14 - 7/1/14
June until October 2014
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4,300 €
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Dennis Rätzel
Dennis Rätzel1 min Lesezeit

[English version below]

Liebe Unterstützer_innen, endlich ist es soweit. UNDUNE feiert Premiere. Sie findet am Sonntag dem 26. Juli um 15.30 im FSK-Kino statt. Die Adresse ist: Segitzdamm 2, 10969 Kreuzberg, Berlin

Für Karten meldet Euch bei uns per Email an [email protected]. Die Tickets kosten 7 Euro.
Schreibt bitte auch, falls ihr schon beim Crowdfunding Tickets gekauft habt und an dem festgelegten Datum Zeit habt. Dann bekommt ihr die Tickets direkt zugesendet.

Vielen Dank für eure Geduld,

Euer Undune-Team

[English version]

Dear supporters, finally we celebrate the premiere of UNDUNE. It will take place on Sunday July the 26th at 15.30 at FSK-Cinema. The address is: Segitzdamm 2, 10969 Kreuzberg, Berlin

To get tickets please contact us on [email protected] Tickets are 7 Euros. Please write us also if you already bought tickets in our crowdfunding campaign and you have time at the above date. You will get the tickets sent by mail directly.

Thank your for your patience,

Your Undune-Team




Dennis Rätzel
Dennis Rätzel1 min Lesezeit


Dennis Rätzel
Dennis Rätzel2 min Lesezeit


Dennis Rätzel
Dennis Rätzel1 min Lesezeit

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