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VELOCATE -  GPS Anti-Theft Protection For Bicycles
In the unfortunate event of your bike being stolen; VELOCATE will help you to recover it and catch the thieves in the act. Thanks to a specially designed combination of GPS, GSM and Bluetooth 4.0, we have developed an ingenious device that fits inconspicuously to your bike, with the minimum amount of effort. Recharged via your bikes dynamo or up to 14v power supply, the on board battery will maintain power to the VELOCATE unit at all times.
44,575 €
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Privacy notice
 VELOCATE -  GPS Anti-Theft Protection For Bicycles
 VELOCATE -  GPS Anti-Theft Protection For Bicycles
 VELOCATE -  GPS Anti-Theft Protection For Bicycles
 VELOCATE -  GPS Anti-Theft Protection For Bicycles
 VELOCATE -  GPS Anti-Theft Protection For Bicycles

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Funding period 4/1/16 12:14 PM - 5/15/16 11:59 PM
Realisation Before 01.July 2016
Start level 40,000 €
Category Technology
City Hochdorf

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What is this project all about?

Velocate is not a prototype . The devices we have produced so far in small batches have proven that they work really well and have saved bikes in real-life already . Thanks to startnext we now want to extend our reach and make VELOCATE accessible to all cyclists by increasing production volumes.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

It's clearly evident on the streets and from the media, that biking is booming. Cyclists ride to work on their bikes everyday, they go out for long rides in their free time, bicycles are also an amazing way of commuting around the City to meet friends or to see the sights. The fact is cycling is greener, healthier, cheaper and dare I say it ... fashionable, whatever a bike rider's motivation, cycling undoubtedly creates a sense of happiness and well being. It's easy to imagine the feelings of loss, anger and frustration when you return to your locked bike and found it's been taken... a nagging doubt every cyclist fears.

As of November 2015, there were more than 400,000 reported bicycle thefts; this tells us two things: a lock does not stop your bike from being stolen and bike theft is on the increase. Even with logging and registration, the recovery rate of stolen bikes remains at the pitiful figure of just 10%.

Where VELOCATE differs from other security devices, it is not solely designed to prevent or deter theft; but attack bike theft at it's core. Working with local police forces, VELOCATE has already lead forces to stolen bikes resulting in them being returned to their owners and the thieves prosecuted.

RESULT: 1 more bicycle recovered, 1 less thief looking to steal it!

Why would you support this project?

This is an exclusive opportunity to pre-order a proven device and be one of those few cyclists able to leave their bike unattended in the knowledge that it won’t end up in the hands of the opportunist bike thief.

Furthermore, as all essential steps have been taken we’re ready for mass production, and can therefore guarantee everyone wishing to participate will receive their tracker and be able to utilise the software already in place.

Why is that important?

In the Electronics Sector, due to costly certification, approvals, testing, modifications and on-road trials, the phase of developing a prototype through to serial production is very similar in cost outlay to that of producing initial prototypes.

ALL THIS WORK IS DONE! AND ALREADY BEHIND US! So, when the sum is composed and produced you get your VELOCATE unit within this cycling season.

Also, for tighter production control and quality standards, we develop and produce the unit in Germany.


The packages on offer are exclusive to the startnext campaign and will not be available in the future. The current packages include:

- GOLD: VELOCATE unit, software accessibility with free tracking extended to 2 years (europewide)

- PLATINUM: Pay once for VELOCATE unit, software and lifetime tracking.(europewide)

-DUO: get 2 Velocates for our special "Lovebirds" price including 2years of tracking (europewide)

- Early Bird: Lifelong tracking at a special price!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money received from this campaign will be used for production to stem the high financing requirements, these pre-orders will allow us to take the next steps.

Who are the people behind the project?

Behind the project is a dedicated and passionate team around Michael Pauli, the founder of VELOCATE. 4 years ago Michael became a victim of bike theft himself, which prompted his desire to tackle not just prevention, but bike theft direct using hidden GPS technology. Thus far, the product has been distributed exclusively in Germany, providing a tough testing ground from which to gain essential feedback, experience and first hand testing.

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Best Of Mittelstand 2015

We were selected amongst the best products of consumer electronics in 2016 of the highly recognized German "Initiative Mittelstand" award.

Deutsche Telekom

Wir sind Partner der Deutschen Telekom. Dadurch stellen wir sicher, dass wir eine optimale Mobilfunkversorgung für die Tracker und einen der sichersten Datenspeicher haben, die es auf dem Markt gibt.

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VELOCATE - GPS Anti-Theft Protection For Bicycles

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