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5/2/23 - 7/27/23
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3,000 €
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The crowdfunding project has been successfully completed. Supporting and ordering is no longer available on Startnext.

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  • The production and delivery is the responsibility of the project owners themselves.

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  • Revocations and cancellations via Startnext are no longer possible.

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Filip Kuzanski
Lange Straße 99
70794 Filderstadt Deutschland

7/1/23 - Since we won't reach even the 6000€, we decided...

Since we won't reach even the 6000€, we decided to put it down on 3000€, so we get the money you payed & you can get the products you ordered!

Thank you for your Support!

5/22/23 - We put our goal down to 6.000€ since if we do...

We put our goal down to 6.000€ since if we do not reach the 15.000€ mark, we won't be able to send you what you booked & we wouldn't receive anything of your support, so we decided it would be safer for both sides if we set the goal a bit down!
Thank you for your support, and keep on sharing!
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