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A short film about injustice and the War on Drugs

When after a college party a young drug dealer gets arrested, and a rich drunk frat boy gets involved in a fatal car crash, both of their lives are interwined as they must now confront their families, the law and themselves. VOLLRAUSCH is a short film project, realized as a part of the course "Motion Pictures" at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. With your help we will be able to talk about an important topic which is not addressed enough.
Funding period
9/16/21 - 10/27/21
November 2021
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Minimum amount (Start level): 5,400 €

With this value, all basic and necessary costs for our short film can be covered. Every additional Euro helps us to realize the film in the best possible way.

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1,775 €

We got some extra time!

Agnes Alves Olivo
Agnes Alves Olivo3 min Lesezeit

Incredible news: We were able to extend the campaign until the 27th of October!

On behalf of all teammates, I would first like to express my greatest thanks to all our supporters. The fact that we were able to collect 3.732€ until this standpoint in such a short time is simply unbelievable. Also, a huge thanks to KulturMut, adding 50% more to each support received!

Film projects are demanding. Especially if you've been working as an intern in another production, studying, directing, writing, being responsible for organizational planning and then having to produce the whole thing. As if that weren't enough, there is also the financial side. My first crowdfunding campaign, my first project with so much responsibility. A huge challenge.

We worked a lot, however, we still haven't reached your goal. We need your help more than never to collect the rest of the amount needed for the film.

During these extra 9 days, to attract more supporters for the film, we will:

  • Contact more organizations and institutions that support the message of the film;
  • Take a part in a podcast from "Netzwerk für Legalisierung";
  • Contact regional press; and
  • Go personally to local stores, clubs, and businesses in the area.

As another reward for final supports, we created an awesome package for our fans.

  • You can get your physical copy of Vollrausch in form of a DVD, which will of course be beautifully designed and include the making of, the poster of the film and your name on the credits! Go check it out on the rewards section!

At the point we are, if everyone that already supported us give us 20 Euros more, we would reach our goal! If you can't, please help by spreading the campaign to friends and family. We are so close!

By the way, a big shot out to StartNext! This platform is so extremely important for culture and arts. Countless great projects have already been implemented through this portal. This is only possible due to the great employees that work on this website every day to give a platform that is free of use for artists like me. StartNext is fun and just a first-class platform for crowdfunding projects.

We are so thankful for the opportunity of making Vollrausch take place and for the extension of the deadline! We will use the extra hours wisely.

With cinematic greetings
Agnes Olivo

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