Witnessed, Book Series
Witnessed is a book series written in English by Black authors, who live or have lived in Germany, and is edited by Sharon Dodua Otoo. The first book in the series will be published in October 2012 and is called: "Imagine if Black Artists Actually Mattered? Visions of Equality in Germany" Preview: http://www.edition-assemblage.de/imagine/
682 €

Elijah is here :-)

Sharon Otoo
Sharon Otoo1 min Lesezeit

Thank you once again to all the supporters of Witnessed!

The crowdfunding effort was a complete success the second time around. We raised 702.00 € - over 100.00 € more than than was the target!

The happy news about the successful funding of the project coincided with the birth of my fourth son.
I have been in baby paradise since he - Elijah - joined us on Tuesday June 5th 2012.
More news on the progress of Witnessed will follow very soon.
Meanwhile - have a great summer! We certainly will... :-)

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