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yōyoka works with what is already there: way too much plastic which is not being recycled. We developed the first yoga mat, which matches the conscious mindset of a yogi. Our regular mat - the "Mindful Mate" consists of 22 recycled PET-bottles and is coated with a layer of natural rubber, that ensures the perfect grip, skin friendlyness and durability. Our aim is not only to save resources, but to reduce the amount of plastic trash our planet is currently facing.
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Charlott Roth
Charlott Roth Projektberater "This was a fantastic round of crowd financing."
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 The 1. yogamat made from recycled PET-bottles by yōyoka
 The 1. yogamat made from recycled PET-bottles by yōyoka
 The 1. yogamat made from recycled PET-bottles by yōyoka
 The 1. yogamat made from recycled PET-bottles by yōyoka
 The 1. yogamat made from recycled PET-bottles by yōyoka

About this project

Funding period 10/18/19 11:57 AM - 12/15/19 11:59 PM
Realisation Send out mats appr. by Q1 2020
Start level 30,000 €

We will produce the first 500 Regular Mats in dark grey. 1E of each mat goes to GiliEcoTrust.
Production & Logistics 60% l Orga & IT 35 % l Sales 5%

Category Environment
City Hamburg

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What is this project all about?

The majority of today‘s yoga mats still consists of the fossil and primary plastic. Each year, humanity produces 400 million tones of plastic, of which only 9% getsrecycled. If we continue like this, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.

We want to change that!
With our yoga mat - both for you and the planet. Ecofriendly through the useage of recycled PET-bottles.

ecofriendly production
Our taiwanese producer works environmentally friendly - with certifications like ISO 140001, a zero waste production plan & the recycling of production waste.

functionality guaranteed
The yōyoka-mat guarantees you the perfect grip, skin-friendlynes & durability due to the usage of natural rubber and due to the usage of PET-fleece the mat has great cushion & a warm feeling when practicing. The mat does not contain any known softeners, no PVC and no AZO-dyes.

The shipping to the end-customer will be conducted climate neutral.

With each mat sold we support:

Gili Eco Trust in Indonesien: Aim: Become the 1. Indonesian Zero Waste Island.

Viva con Agua: Aim: Create access to clean drinking water.

And why Taiwan?
The natural rubber originates from South-East-Asia. The producers knows how to process it. According to BSCI, Taiwan ranks as good as the US with regards to labor practices and better than France and Spain - also twice as good as China - and therefore is a good choice among the Asian countries to produce.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):
In accordance with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, with our activities we are contributing especially to the following three:

12. responsible consumption and production
14. life below water
6. clean water & sanitation

Our Philosophy:
We wish sustainable consumption to become reality and that everybody becomes aware of the consequences of our actions to jointly generate change.

Our Vision:
With fair & circular yoga products we revolutionize the yoga market & create engagement for a future-fit world.

conscious for change.

Why would you support this project?

After the successful completion of the crowdfunding we will create more yoga-related products made out of regrowing and upcycled materials to enable people to practice yoga in a conscious way and to support initiatives, that are contributing to the preservation of the planet

Help us to spread our mission around the globe and be part of the change!

What do you get for it

  • As a supporter, you'll get the mat for a reduced price!
  • You'll save up to 50% if you order the Super Early Bird!
  • You get a yoga mat which guarantees the perfect grip and optimal cushion, the mat is skin-friendly, enduring and simply beautiful.
  • Practicing delightfully!
  • Doing good by buying well.

The yōyoka-mat

  • no primary plastic at all - ressource-friendly
  • Lighter than a lot of comparable mats

  • perfect grip, lies flat on the ground, durability and skin friendlyness due to the usage of natural rubber, which does not come from rainforest areas
  • Perfect cushion & and soft feeling while practicing due to the layer of fleece
  • The mats do not contain any known softeners, no synthetic AZO-dyes, no PVC, no silicons, no toxic adhesives additives were used during the foaming process.
  • An antibacterial agent ensures the lasting cleanliness of the mats.
  • environmentally-friendly produced
  • • Free and climate-neutral shipping to end-consumer

Mindful Mate: Our regular mat for practising in the studio or at home.

- rPET-fleece made out of 22 recycled PET-bottles.
- Weight: 1,7 kg
- 180 x 64 x 0,45 cm

Travel Buddy Light, foldable travel mat - excellent when you hit the road

- rPET-fleece made out of 2 recycled PET-bottles.
- Weight: 750 gr.
- 180 x 60 x 0,19 cm

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Together we can make it!
When we reacht our 1. Financing goal we can produce the initial amount of 500 Mindful Mates.

?? €
With the achievement of the second financig goal we will be able to produce the first lot of Travel Buddys.

Who are the people behind the project?

Why are we practising yoga on non-environmentally-friendly plastic-mats, that aren't matching our mindset?

While there are sneakers and backpacks made out of recycled PET-bottles, why aren't there any yogamats with that sustainable approach?

Those were the questions that were buzzing around in Hanna's mind shortly before the idea of yōyoka was born. An idea defying and cheeky

Hanna met Christin at a startup-event of the company which produces backpacks out of plastic-bottles. Christin is not only a yoga teacher but also brings in experience working in the purchasing and sustainability department of a German retailer. This made her the perfect match for Hanna, who is equipped with endless drive and the will to act. Together, with the combined conviction to make the world a better place, to reduce the usage ressources in order to keep the planet worthy to live on.

On the way, we go to know our wonderful Art Director Fridge and so many countless people who helped yōyoka to become real. We want to send out a huge THANK YOU! You are awesome!

Also, we want to say thank you to our yoga studio partners which give out vouchers for free trial lessons

  • Soyoma - Yoga for your Soul aus Köln[list]
  • Yoga on the Move - Berlin
  • Yogastudio Stephan Suh - Frankfurt
  • Balance Yoga Studio Mainz - Mainz
  • TRIBE Yoga Base - Hamburg


and to Yoga Easy for enabling our support to practice yoga online for free for a month!

A big THANK YOU goes to Andreas Guba! With his Expertise on crowdfunding as a real insider the gave our campaign a crucial push! Only because of him, you receive vouchers for yoga lessons <3

Finally, thank you Patrick Viebranz Photography for shooting all these beautiful pictures Patrick Viebranz and to Wilbee Film Wilbee Films for creating the great video!

Sending <3 out to all of you!

Körper und Geist im Einklang? Klappt besser, wenn die Yogamatte aus recycelten Materialien statt Plastik und Erdöl besteht!
This project has been awarded by the Startnext VI Vielfaltoskop.
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The 1. yogamat made from recycled PET-bottles by yōyoka

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