The Pitch Day

Be bold and pitch your idea online in front of an audience.

Every two weeks, the Pitch Day takes place via Zoom as part of the Startnext Academy. 5 crowdfunding projects get a stage to present their ideas. 

Conditions of participation

  • You have a Startnext project
  • Your project is not yet in the funding phase
  • You pitch without a split screen presentation
  • You pitch in 3 minutes


  • 11:00 a.m. entrance to the Zoom room begins
    • go to the Zoom waiting room beforehand 
  • Small smart intro and welcome
  • You will be called as soon as it's your turn to pitch
  • You have 3 minutes to pitch your idea
  • After your pitch, participants will have 2 minutes to ask you questions about the project
    • The audience can also give direct feedback via messages in Zoom Chat or emojis
  • At the end, all participants vote on which pitch has won the most potential supporters and an individual project consultation.