Before the start of the funding phase

For the protection of the supporters it is legally prescribed to us (Money Laundering Act §11) to check the identity and account data of the starters. With the verification we can make sure that the community always knows who starts the projects on Startnext. The data will only be used for payment processing of the crowdfunding funds and will be stored according to the legal deadlines.

We will guide you step by step through the process in the interface on your project page under the item "verification":

  • Step 1: Set legal entity: Choose whether you want to legitimize yourself as a private person or as a company. We can currently legitimize the following organizations: Sole proprietorship, partnerships under civil law, association, UG / GmbH, foundation, OHG, KG, GmbH & Co. KG, cooperative, AG, registered merchant, corporations under public law.
  • Step 2: Maintain payout details: Enter the data of the money recipient and enter the account to which the funds are to be disbursed after successful financing. In the funding phase, the funds are administered in trust by our payment service provider and partner secupay AG. You therefore confirm the trust agreement as a starter.
  • Step 3: Verify Pay Out Account: So that we can confirm your account, we make a cent transfer, which will be transferred to your account by our payment service provider secupay within 3 working days. You will find the verification code (5-digit code) in the purpose of the transfer. Enter this code again in the interface under "verification > Payout data" and your account will be verified.

After the successful financing

As soon as your project reaches the funding goal, you can complete your verification. Depending on which legal form you have chosen for the verification, the next steps differ. You can find more information here:

  1. For organizations & companies
  2. For private individuals, sole proprietorships and partnerships under civil law

Payment of funds & invoice

When your campaign is finished, the payment of your funding sum will be prepared and transferred to your bank account within 21 days. If the funding phase of your campaign is still running, your money will be paid out within 21 days of the end of the funding phase.

Startnext commission and transaction fees will be deducted when you pay out the funding amount and you will receive an invoice for it. You can download it in the interface on your project page under "Supports > Funding stats".

Verification for private individuals, sole proprietorships & partnerships under civil law

As soon as your project has reached the funding goal, you can complete the verification. The verification of private individuals and sole proprietorships is carried out via a Deutsche Post service in which a postal employee confirms your identity online or offline. These are the next steps:

  • Call verification via PostIdent in the interface: In the interface, go to "verification" and select "Verifizierung via PostIdent durchführen". You will now be redirected to the Deutsche Post portal where the identification check takes place.
  • Selection of the identification method: You can choose whether you want to identify yourself online at Deutsche Post via video chat or with your electronic ID card or offline at a Deutsche Post office.
  • For partnerships under civil law: Pleae load in the interface still additionally the partnership agreement and, if necessary, the shareholder list.
  • Verification is confirmed: Once you have completed identification with Deutsche Post, the data will automatically be transmitted to us and your project will be verificate. Done!

PostIdent by video chat on the PC / desktop

  • That's what you needValid ID, SMS-enabled mobile phone and PC with webcam, microphone, speakers and Internet connection.
  • That's how it works: Information from Deutsche Post

PostIdent through video chat via app

    • That's what you need:Gültigen Ausweis, Smartphone oder Tablet mit Kamera, Mikrofon, Lautsprecher und Internetverbindung, PostIdent-App
    • That's how it worksInformation from Deutsche Post

    PostIdent through post office (only possible in Germany)

    • That's what you need: Valid ID, PostIdent form
    • That's how it works: Information from Deutsche Post

      Verification for organizations & companies

      As soon as your project has reached the funding goal, you can complete the verification. These are the next steps:

      • Maintain personal and organizational data in the interface:Fill out the required personal and organizational data in the interface under "verification".
      • Request verification check: If you have maintained all data completely, you can request the verification check. Please make sure that the documents are complete and valid - otherwise the verification check will be delayed.
      • Verification is confirmed: Our payment team checks your documents and when everything is complete, we confirm the verification and your money can be paid out. The verification check can take up to 7 days.

      Download: Templates for verification

      Depending on which legal form you have chosen for the verification, we need certain organizational and personal data for the verification. We have compiled an overview so that you already have an overview in advance of which documents we need from you.

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