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Crowdfunding since 2010
Crowdfunded since 2010

Go on a crowdfunding journey with german musician Nisse

Our cover creator is Nisse - artist, producer, musician and much more. Nisse decided to crowdfund his new album because he believes that the crowd should be part of his creative process and because unexpected moments together with his fans will bring forth new things. What comes out of this will be part of the new record.

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The idea behind Startnext is simple: many people (crowd) finance (fund) together an idea, a project or a company. With a crowdfunding you can get visibility, supporters, a network, feedback and a market test. Start today with a project draft here.

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The community team has designed  Academy sessions that take place from Tue-Thu and are live via Zoom online. There you will learn, free of charge, how to successfully launch a Startnext project and how to get through the funding phase. On top of that, you can network with other starters.

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