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Syntropic agroforestry on Hof vErde

We are not the intelligent ones of the system, but part of an intelligent system. - Ernst Götsch

Lilly Schmidtlein from Syntropic agroforestry on Hof vErde
yebuna bag

We want fashion to be produced regionally, socially and conserving resources. Setting a trend together but sustainable.

Nuradin Schöning from yebuna bag
Stuhl bintou | Platz für soziale Nachhaltigkeit

We use design as a tool to shape society and the economy in a future-proof, sustainable and social way.

Every tree counts!

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. - (Martin Luther)

Janine Raabe from Every tree counts!
HILLOCK | CD Coming Home

Hillock – voices, guitars, bass and drums. Making handcrafted music, between the inspirations of Mark Knopfler, Chet Atkins and some Scottish drinks.

Christopher Kopecny from HILLOCK | CD Coming Home

Buzzing bees don't bite - come let's sweeten education together!

Jens Schilling from Hell-Bees-Project

No Guilt, Just Pleasure - it's time we talked about porn, sexuality and pleasure without shame!

Luna E. Heine from PORN BETTER