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Projekte / Photography
What makes you happy? Every day for 100 days, I asked one person this question and documented their answer with a portrait photograph. To take my #100xPEOPLExHAPPINESS project a step further, I now have the opportunity to create an interactive exhibition at the Alte Feuerwache Gallery in Berlin-Friedrichshain and organise creative workshops for young people.
4,725 €
4,200 € 2nd Funding goal
Project successful
Sponsored by Crowdfunding Berlin


Funding period 5/27/18 5:56 PM o'clock - 6/25/18 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period August 2018
Funding goal reached 2,800 €

The funding will be used to create an interactive exhibition of the #100xPEOPLExHAPPINESS project photos and the accompanying stories of happiness.

2nd Funding goal reached 4,200 €

Further funding will be used to print larger photos of selected portraits at the exhibition and to organize workshops for young people.

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Barbara Gruber
Diestelmeyerstrasse 4a
10249 Berlin Germany
Bildband &quot;Strong Women behind a Strong Coffee&quot;
Bildband "Strong Women behind a Strong Coffee"
Gemeinsam ein Buch der Fotografin Denyse Uwera über starke Frauen im ruandischen Kaffeesektor realisieren und das Bild afrikanischer Frauen ändern!
6,912 € (41%) 10 days
Purple for Life
Purple for Life
Cosmo Klein & The Phunkguerilla Tribute to Prince
12,046 € (100%) 4 days
Haus der Stille
Movie / Video
Haus der Stille
Ist ein Film, in dem eine Autorin von einem Mann an ihre physischen und psychischen Grenzen gebracht wird - doch ganz so einfach, ist es nicht.
5,154 € (34%) 52 days
Food Forest Future
Movie / Video
Food Forest Future
How can food forests make a change in the current food production system. 3 years of tangible research become a documentary film.
3,139 € (52%) 45 days