Crowdfunding since 2010

Space and collective infrastructure costs money - we ask for support from many to enable solidary space for many.

4lthangrund is a social & cultural center in 1090 Vienna. We organize collective space & cultural program. Many groups that work politically, culturally and neighborhood related use the space together with us. The use of the space is possible regardless of money. Together we need more space - that's why we are crowdfunding to finance part of the rental costs as well as equipment for the new space. If collective space is important to you, support us!
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Funding period
3/20/22 - 5/25/22
Move to new space 04/2022
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Minimum amount (Start level): 5,000 €

We use the donations for renting space and for collective infrastructure.

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What is this project all about?

4lthangrund für Alle is a collective and a related space in Vienna that has been developing since 2018. Space is a scarce resource, not only in Vienna. Especially, people and groups with little or no money cannot get space or can only barely afford it. This applies not only to rising rents and housing, but also to collective space for culture, art, social and self organized political work. Since 2018, 4lthangrund has developed from a small group organizing anti-fascist solidarity events into a large neighbourhood based sociocultural center that is used by many and where there is easy access to space for implementing all kinds of ideas.

Since 2020, we have organized a regular monthly program ( and numerous other activities. The space we use collectively has always been open to anyone who needs space themselves and has similar agendas. Over time, for example, a food coop has developed that supplies over 60 people with affordable regional and seasonal vegetables, a neighborhood newspaper and a shared resource pool for equipment. Numerous groups ( use the space with us to hold their meetings in the rooms, to organize themselves and to implement their work.

Despite the difficult last two years, which were marked by the pandemic and an increasingly uncertain space situation, we have grown as a collective and more groups have joined us. After being able to use the rooms free of charge through the University of Fine Arts, which no longer supports us, we now have to pay rent for the first time.

Since we have grown over the last few years and our current rooms are no longer available, we not only need new ones, but also bigger ones. Some groups organized with us will contribute part of their budget to the rental costs - but this is not enough to cover our needs. With crowdfunding, we therefore want to bring in additional funds to make this possible.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

As a sociocultural centre, it is important for us to be accessible and open to all who want to participate. For us, this means being accessible with low barriers and providing cost-free access to our programme. Our rooms can already be used free of charge by projects and groups with little or no financial means. By organising financial resources together through crowdfunding and other solidarity activities, we can continue to make this possible.

We have different audiences for our activities. Much of what we do (foodcoop, newspaper, programme) is aimed directly at the neighbourhood. There are extra parts of the programme for children and a kids-space.

It is also important for us to offer space to groups that are active in civil society, self-organised and collective. There are far too few of these in Vienna (and in general) - we offer space for groups that want to use space together with us.

The long-term goal is for 4lthangrund for All to be a permanent part of the district, connected to the area and with a permanent location in its own space.

Why would you support this project?

The activities of all the groups involved can only take place through a secured space situation, the pandemic has also caused a lack of donation income due to a lack of events. Those who find our activities, goals and approaches important support through the crowdfunding collective organizing, diverse cultural work and solidarity-based activism.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

The money will be used to secure the future spaces for this year. In the larger federation of many active groups, most of which work on a voluntary basis, more space is needed and no rent has been involved in the space we have been using until now. In addition, necessary equipment is purchased to create a proper infrastructure for everyone, such as a well-equipped kitchen and missing event equipment (sound, light, projector) or office supplies. The idea is to have the infrastructure covered to be able to continue to work until larger events and further cultural funding are possible again.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are the association Althangrund "für alle" (en= for all) as well as a collective of many groups:
degrowth vienna
IG Club Kultur
Infoladen biblio>media:take!
Kollektiv Raumstation
Unter Palmen
Seebrücke Wien
System Change, not Climate Change
Riders Collective
as well as Antirepressionsbüro and Kollektiv Tiefkultur


4lthangrund is a solidarity-based collective space that offers opportunities - precisely these spaces are needed everywhere and for everyone!
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Legal notice
Althangrund fur alle
Rasa Kavaliauskaite
Augasse 2-6
1090 Wien Österreich

Zentrale Vereinsregister Nummer: 1170816400

4/25/22 - Liebe 4lle Supporter_innen Heute war es so...

Liebe 4lle Supporter_innen
Heute war es so weit: Wir haben endlich den Mietvertrag für unsere neuen Räume unterzeichnet. Damit endet fast ein Jahr Unsicherheit. Bis Ende 2025 haben wir gemeinsam mit 17 Gruppen nun die alte Mensa am Althangrund fix angemietet. Wie es danach weitergeht, wird sich zeigen. Die alte Mensa ist ein riesen Ding - über 1500m2 groß - und sie muss jetzt erstmal geputzt, renoviert, eingerichtet und bezogen werden. Mehr via: [url=]



andererseits ist eine Initiative für Inklusion im Journalismus.

Wir glauben: Journalismus braucht Vielfalt! Je unterschiedlicher die Menschen sind, die Journalismus machen, desto interessanter ist das Ergebnis.


AwA* = ein Kollektiv von Frauen, Trans, Queeren & Inter* Personen, die Veranstaltungen betreuen, Bildungsarbeit umsetzen, Konzepte schreiben sowie Orte und Grupen beraten.

Awareness-Arbeit und die damit verbundenen Inhalte sind uns Herzensanliegen.

degrowth vienna

Degrowth Vienna ist ein Verein, der 2018 zur Organisation der Konferenz „Degrowth Vienna 2020“ über Strategien zur sozial-ökologischen Transformation gegründet wurde.


FlüWi Österreich findet geflüchteten Personen ein neues Zuhause in Privatunterkünften, also in WGs oder bei Familien, die ein freies Zimmer zur Verfügung stellen.

Foodcoop Augasse

Magst du direkt regionales Gemüse beziehen? // Die Foodcoop Augasse öffnet für weitere Interessierte!

IG Club Kultur

Wir sind die IG Club Kultur. Als Interessenvertretung und Interessengemeinschaft für Club Kultur setzen wir uns für alle damit verbundenen Belange ein.


Wir wollen Veränderung, deswegen sorgen wir für sie.

UNTER PALMEN ist ein Zusammenschluss von über einem Dutzend motivierter Menschen. Wir glauben daran, dass Gesellschaft veränderbar ist und verändert werden muss.

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4lthangrund - new space
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