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It’s about 4 billion years ago. Earth has just recently cooled off enough to have water on its surface. Impacts of comets and meteorites have almost ceased. The sky is orange and dense with thick clouds, through which a faint Sun barely shines. A vast, greenish, muddy ocean covers almost the entire planet. The little dry land is black volcanic rocks and barren. But deep in the ocean and in a few oases, something is cooking: Life is about to emerge.
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Joy Lange
Joy Lange Projektberater "Impressively pulled through this crowd financing phase."
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 AEON - The Emergence of Life
 AEON - The Emergence of Life
 AEON - The Emergence of Life
 AEON - The Emergence of Life
 AEON - The Emergence of Life

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Funding period 8/9/21 3:13 PM - 9/13/21 11:59 PM
Realisation August-September 2021
Start level 3,000 €

All the money will go into the production of printed copies of our game.

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City München

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CRC235 - Emergence of Life

CRC 235 - Emergence of Life is a cross-disciplinary network, in the long-term, aiming to experimentally demonstrate a cascade of mechanisms producing life from ordinary matter. This collaborative effort is funded by German Research Foundation (DFG).

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