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Foster an open discussion on that prepuce. Help us to bring information, emotion and fun to the male foreskin controversy in Subsaharan Africa.

The prepuce is a hot topic in Africa. We bring that topic up on social media. Because those are the channels Africans watch. We do it differently compared to the WHO-pro-Circumcision campaign in 14 African countries. That campagin has been pushing "Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision" (VMMC), while the different ethnies' elders have had their own stance, pro or contra.
Funding period
3/13/23 - 5/9/23
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 8,900 €

Set up and produce for the channels until end of 2023. Plus, of course, produce and send all the rewards. Next levels will help to dig deeper and further.

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4/9/23 - (German text below) Dear supporters Today we...

(German text below)
Dear supporters
Today we have prolonged the funding period by 30 days to May 9!
- to give lovers of African arts the chance find and order the attractive rewards.
- We would use additional funds to do more for a longer time.

Hallo UnterstützerInnen,
Wir haben die Zeit für das Funding verlängert bis 9. Mai!
Denn wir möchten mehr Menschen die Chance geben, die attraktiven "Dankeschöns" zu finden.
Mit zusätzlichen Einnahmen tun wir mehr und das für längere Zeit.

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