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Foster an open discussion on that prepuce. Help us to bring information, emotion and fun to the male foreskin controversy in Subsaharan Africa.

The prepuce is a hot topic in Africa. We bring that topic up on social media. Because those are the channels Africans watch. We do it differently compared to the WHO-pro-Circumcision campaign in 14 African countries. That campagin has been pushing "Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision" (VMMC), while the different ethnies' elders have had their own stance, pro or contra.
Funding period
3/13/23 - 5/9/23
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 8,900 €

Set up and produce for the channels until end of 2023. Plus, of course, produce and send all the rewards. Next levels will help to dig deeper and further.

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Primary sustainable development goal

What is this project all about?

Social media like tiktok or instagram are perfect to induce discussions, not by propaganda pro or con, but with informationen, emotion und fun. But we do it fact based as media workers.
The project founder, Ulli, has extensively researched about the VMMC campaign. He produced a lot of audiovisuals, but unfortunately only part of it went into his German radio documentary "Der Kampf um die Vorhaut" on German national radio Deutschlandfunk and the big regional station WDR.
We want to make the material and information available to the African audience and make the prepuce controversy disputable.
And it is Africans who will further discuss it on @AfricanForeskintales. See the pilot channel on tiktok and soon on Instagram
The running campaigns are against foreskin - but what the people say, and what the prepuce is for does not seem to be of interest. Or it is based on rumors and simplified "messages" from many sides. We want to change that.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

All those men and women in Africa who are affected by cutting or having it will be interested in the topic. In a first step we have collected in our tiktok channel "@africanforeskintales" more than 5,000 followers from the 14 VMMC campaign target countries.

Why would you support this project?

By supporting this crowdfunding you support free speech and discussion about all this - a worthwile thing.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

With 8.900 Euro we will
a) produce and send the rewards to the funders (estimated cost more than 4,000), pay the license fees to the creators of the paintings
b) pay nextstart fees
b) setup and develop the tiktok and insta channels, graphic design and linking, cover the costs of creating this crowdfunding, finding the team and artists and design the rewards
c) run the channels for at lease six months, with at least two videos per week, produced out of existing material and investigations as well as new videos. Translation and subtitling in English, where useful,
d) update and develop the accompanying website and the facebook page as landing pages
e) interact with social media users

When reaching the next funding levels we will do all of the above for at least 12 months, but with new research and video shootings in at least one of the 14 „VMMC“-target countries (VMMC = „Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision“-Campaign of the World Health Organisation WHO).

Who are the people behind the project?

Ulli Schauen is a journalist and filmmaker based in Cologne. Author of the German radio documentary German radio documentary "Der Kampf um die Vorhaut"
This is Ulli's personal website
He is teaming up for new content with

  • Debrah Nabuh Kisongochi, journalist from a traditionally circumcision community in Bungoma, Western Kenya
  • Kennedy Owino, teacher and intactivist, living in Kisumu, Western Kenya
  • Dr. Dedan Opondo, Urologist, head of the Synergy Clinics in Kisumu and costarter of the WHO-circumcision campaign in 2007
  • Jay Mjinga, (Kennedy Odhiambo), writer and intactivist living in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Adam Masava, head of the Mukuru arts project in Nairobi

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