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Projekte / Fashion
aluc | Upcycling is more than a trend
Introducing aluc. aluc believes that Upcycling is more than a trend. Instead it is an efficient way of using resources by producing great products. Four years ago we started creating high quality and sustainable men’s shirts out of beautiful and unique production fabric surplus. The production is done locally in a fair and transparent way. Now we need your help to move forward and finance the next production cycle. Together we can make a change and help the upcycling movement grow!
15,684 €
15,000 € Funding goal
Project successful
 aluc | Upcycling is more than a trend


Funding period 16/07/2014 15:05 o'clock - 26/09/2014 23:59 o'clock
Realisation period Within 10 -12 weeks
Funding goal reached 15,000 €
City Berlin
Category Fashion

What is this project all about?

Industrial overproduction is a big problem for the environment. That’s where we try to change things by working in a sustainable way: the Upcycling way. Even small amounts of leftover fabric offer a great opportunity for us to design original, unique items.

aluc is putting this philosophy into practice from the beginning. We think that the clothes we wear should be sustainable and communicate the concept of individual beauty.

The eco-friendly commitment of our products already begins with the design. The detachable collar of the shirts and blouses gives you the opportunity of changing your style, while reducing the amount of clothes in your wardrobe. The collar is the first part of a shirt that is usually worn out. With your aluc shirt, you can easily exchange the collar instead of throwing away the whole shirt.

The aluc shirt comes in 6 different sizes, from XS to XXL. Check out our available styles among the pledges on the right hand side.

  • XS: Collar: 39 Bust: 103 Waist: 96 Back length: 77
  • S: Collar: 40/41 Bust: 106 Waist: 100 Back length: 77
  • M: Collar: 41 Bust: 111 Waist: 104 Back length: 77
  • L: Collar: 42/43 Bust: 118 Waist: 113 Back length: 78
  • XL: Collar: 44 Bust: 128 Waist: 120 Back length: 79

XXL: Collar: 45/46 Bust: 136 Waist: 128 Back Length: 80

The aluc shirt dress comes in 4 different sizes, from S to XL. Check out our available styles among the pledges on the right hand side.

  • S: Collar: 38 Bust size: 92 Waistline: 86 Hips: 98 Back length: 86
  • M: Collar: 38,5 Bust size: 101 Waistline: 94 Hips: 108 Back length: 85
  • L: Collar: 39 Bust size: 107 Waistline: 102 Hips: 112 Back length: 87
  • XL: Collar: 39,5 Bust size: 114 Waistline: 110 Hips: 120 Back length: 88

After four years, the label has established and is now ready to grow. In order to increase our production and take the next step in the direction of becoming a real alternative to traditionally produced men’s shirts, we need your support.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We have beautiful fabrics in our storage. Now its time to clear space so we can purchase new leftover fabrics from the warehouses of the manufacturers.
Therefore we would like to produce directly for you. This means that we will order the exact quantity of shirts that is needed. We believe this is the way to keep our production cycle as efficient as possible.

Why would you support this project?

Many people buy their products at global chains without considering the consequences. As a result they inevitably support collateral damage through their purchases: long transport routes, exploitation of workers, waste caused by overproduction and bad management.
You have a choice with every purchase you make. That means with your money you decide which companies you want to support.
Here is what you support with your purchase of an aluc shirt:

1. RESOURCE-EFFICIENT PRODUCTION. A high quality product made out of unused fabrics. Upcycling combines the best of both worlds: you get a new product with high quality whilst reducing waste.

2. LOCAL PRODUCTION. All aluc shirts are produced locally. By doing so CO2-emissions are minimised, local economy is boosted and compliance of good working conditions is easily verified.

3. DETACHABLE COLLAR. The aluc shirt can be styled to your individual desire. Take it off for a more casual look or swap collars with a friend to make your outfit more playful!
There is another reason why we have chosen this feature. Collars are known to wear down first due to friction. aluc offers the possibility to renew your collar without throwing away the entire shirt.

4. Corporate transparency.
We don't have anything to hide. Find out more about our philosphy, production and project on our website: www.aluc.eu. Do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone if you have any questions.

5. Support of social projects.
Our products are made in sheltered workshops in Berlin and the Harz mountains.In this way, we support great social facilities, which give people with disabilities a chance to work in a safe and caring environment, showing them that they are part of our society.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With 15000 Euros we aim to pay two major parts of the shirt collections. The first point is the manufacturing of your rewards- shirts, which will be made out of the textiles we already have in stock and therefore we will use the money just to finance the production of the shirts. The rest of the money will be needed to buy new leftover textiles for the next Winter collection. For this purpose we contact manufacturers in Europe, visit them and check out their storage in order to find the best materials. Through personal contact we can reassure that the producers understand what “upcycling” means and what we are looking for.

By investing in aluc you do not just help us saving unused stock material from disposal; you also support social projects and sheltered workshops in Germany, with whom we are working together since four years.

Furthermore, we want to say thank you, with a small amount of the funding, to all the people who made the campaign possible.

Who are the people behind the project?

aluc are Arianna, Carina, Jonathan and Luise: 4 passionate people that work as a team since 2010, pursuing the idea that a change is possible.

We all believe in the importance of saving resources and in the power of creative imagination and innovation.

We do not accept reality as it is. We question it.

„Why do we need to produce new material for our designs when huge amounts of virgin textiles are being discarded every day?“

The enthusiasm for our job, activities and aspirations grew stronger in the past years while we have been an active part of the international upcycling scene. Beside aluc we founded the blog upcycling-fashion.com and two years later we opened the concept store The Upcycling Fashion Store.
Since 2014 we are board members of the Fashion Revolution Day initiative in Germany.

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