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The bridge between budding scientists and business *Commercial sponsoring possible outside of the campaign.*

Let's prepare to skyrocket and give Europe's first student hybrid sounding rocket that will reach space the ultimate kick. As a dream team, we're writing a new chapter in the history books while opening the door to an interdisciplinary space adventure for students in the North. The Prestige Cup is moving to Germany and we are investing in education as a sustainable currency. Withdraw in 3, 2, 1...
Funding period
10/5/23 - 12/30/23
2. Quarter 2024
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Minimum amount (Start level): €
2,000 €
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Primary sustainable development goal

What is this project all about?

Bremen: Where social angels and scientific artists go hand in hand to boost our homeland

Oh, the lovable Hanseatic city of Bremen - it is more than just the Bremen Town Musicians, the majestic town hall and the famous Roland. Life pulsates at the "Schlachte", in the drop tower you can feel the dizziness of the height, and Werder Bremen provides sporting enthusiasm.

But we still have a galactic side!

Bremen has earned a coveted place as a top address for aerospace, be it in Europe or globally. With over 140 companies and 20 renowned institutes in the area, Bremen is the innovative hotspot for space technology par excellence. Even in the universities and colleges here, young minds get the opportunity to cavort in the depths of space travel with a wide variety of specializations.

But especially for young start-ups and associations, it is not an easy journey in the space industry. Meeting places, opportunities for exchange and a strong support structure are often missing.

This is exactly where we start!

We let scientific dreams take off during your studies.
Theory meets practice and we gain valuable experience.
Teamwork, project management, science - we train ourselves in real skills.
We spin interdisciplinary networks that break down specialist boundaries - technology, but also the colorful world beyond it.
Test concepts cost-effectively in an environment with real bite.
We continue to expand the scientific landscape and weave the regional network more densely.
Bremen is becoming a magnet for international students and companies.

Our mission? In Bremen, where social cooperation and scientific innovation go hand in hand, we shape the future.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our campaign support flows entirely into our current project "Karman". Here we are working on a groundbreaking hybrid sounding rocket that breaks the magical barrier of the Kármán Line. This invisible boundary marks the transition from earth to space and is a staggering 100 kilometers above sea level.

"Karman" turns Bremen into a radiant space city and gets the attention it more than deserves.

But our Karman Project has far greater goals than just short-term help for a few students who want to put their college knowledge into action. Our view goes further - we want to initiate a close connection between practice and theory that goes beyond the borders. Our vision is to establish Bremen's students as well-trained and highly-promoted talents on an international scale. In this way, we make a long-term contribution to the promotion of teaching and research.

In the past two years we have already celebrated numerous stage successes on our way to the rocket. We successfully rotated our fiberglass tank, dropped tested it from 600 meters, mastered pressure tests and simulations - all this was just the beginning. Now we enter the final phase of construction and testing of our rocket "Transcendence". But for this we need your support at our side!

Why would you support this project?

We offer young, ambitious people the opportunity to deepen their theoretical experience in practice in an interdisciplinary environment and to acquire new skills. Be it in our technical teams, in marketing or project management.
We bridge the decisive gap between science and business and support our region in becoming more sustainable and even more competent.
We are increasing the attractiveness of our Space City for companies and international students
Help students in the STEM field to develop the necessary expertise in practice - and thereby also support women in particular, who are still marginally represented in these areas
Make history with us

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

As soon as we have reached the starting level of €2,000, we will be able to fund some materials and appropriate reviews for the construction of Transcendence. In doing so, we also cover some financial expenses that we have to spend during the campaign for the European competition "EuRoC" in Constancia, Portugal. That's where we launch our "Karma" demonstrator rocket, which is the precursor to Transcendence.

By the time Transcendence is launched, we will need another €150,000 to ensure the success of the entire project.

Who are the people behind the project?

The Bremen student association ASTRA e.V. is behind the project. We are more than 50 committed students from various courses with a common passion.

Some of our areas shown:

MINT (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology)
business administration
and much more


What are the sustainable development goals of this project?

Primary sustainable development goal


Why does this project contribute to this goal?

We offer ambitious students the opportunity...

  1. Participate in high quality academic work
  2. Build leadership skills
  3. Develop communication skills
  4. Communicate ideas and give and take critical feedback
  5. build networks
  6. to strengthen the regional reputation
  7. Working with people from diverse nationalities and backgrounds


Starthaus Bremen & Bremerhaven

Das Starthaus Bremen & Bremerhaven ist die erste Anlaufstelle in Bremen, wenn du dich selbstständig machen möchtest oder ein Projekt planst. Beim Starthaus erhältst du Zugang zu Coaching, Finanzierung, Netzwerk und viele mehr.

Digital Hub Industry (DHI)

Das Digital Hub Industry ist dein Ort an der Universität, an dem du in den Austausch mit Wissenschaftsnahen Instituten und Unternehmen kommst. Du kannst Raum nutzen, um zu arbeiten, aber auch um Events zu veranstalten.

Creative Hub - Visionskultur

Das Creative Hub der Visionskultur ist dein Förderer und Partner für Arbeitsfläche, Events, Wissenstransfer und Aufbau deines Unternehmens oder Projekts in einem innovativen Umfeld.

Bremen's students reaching space: Part 2

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