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Sustainable and extraordinary coffee on the streets of Berlin and for YOU at home - locally roasted specialty coffee for the community.

August 63 offers carefully roasted and freshly prepared specialty coffee through its own mobile coffee bar at various locations in Berlin. You can find me at farmers markets and street food markets, at corporate events , at festivals or cultural events. In addition to sustainable and transparently sourced coffee, the online shop offers coffee equipment and preparation tips to improve your own coffee skills.
Funding period
9/15/21 - 10/31/21
end of the year <3
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 12,000 €

With this sum the Piaggio Ape could be financed including conversion as mobile coffee bar.

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What is this project all about?

August 63 is a roastery, online shop and mobile coffee bar that aims to produce high-quality specialty coffee that is transparently and sustainably traded into your household and help you consume good coffee more easily.
Through transparency reports on the origins and processes of the various coffees, brewing instructions and online tastings, comprehensive knowledge is imparted and coffee drinking is made easy.

In addition to the website, I want to bring August 63 coffee to the streets of Berlin with the mobile coffee bar. I want to offer freshly prepared coffee drinks such as flat whites or cappuccinos at farmers markets and street food markets, corporate events, festivals or cultural events. In addition, the mobile coffee bar can also be booked for private parties such as weddings, pop ups or staff parties - best coffee and excellent service will be guaranteed!

However, the focus of August 63 is not only on coffee, but the community. August 63 serves as a platform for artists and creatives, where, in collaborations, innovative and imaginative projects emerge. August 63 promotes the arts and culture industry and creates awareness for sustainable coffee and talented people. Limited coffee editions, merchandise, prints and much more - August 63 thrives on collaborations with artists and creatives.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Yey - never bad coffee again!
I am aware that sustainable consumption is very complex. First and foremost, people often lose track when buying coffee and opt for the usual coffee from the supermarket . With August 63, I offer convenient solutions to buy coffee that is not only fair and sustainable, but also traceable to its origin. A regularly changing range of seasonal coffees shows how exciting and unusual coffee can taste.
With Co2 neutral shipping and packaging that is made from sustainable materials, August 63 keeps its carbon footprint as low as possible.

Bringing the best coffee to Berlin's streets.
Local markets are booming, cultural events are finally happening again and everyone is craving good coffee outside! Just the right time for me to bring August 63 coffee to the streets of Berlin and spoil you with delicious cappuccinos. With the mobile coffee bar, I want to inspire my customers with unique products and show how special coffee can taste.

With August 63, I want to appeal to local Berliners who are excited about the idea with me - but also international coffee fans who simply appreciate high-quality coffee and want to make their consumption more sustainable.

Why would you support this project?

I reached the point where I want to take my future into my own hands and venture into self-employment. With your vote, you choose against a large corporation and support a coffee professional who wants to start his own business with a lot of ambition and love for the product.

The exciting thing about working with the crowd is the win-win situation: you support a project that will become reality, receive cool thank-you gifts and get to drink delicious August 63 coffee. I, for my part, manage to make my dream come true with your help.

If you also want to free the world from bad coffee, then support August 63 now.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Funding threshold: 12'000,00 €
A first step in the right direction! With this amount I can finance the Piaggio Ape including the basic conversion as a mobile coffee bar and secure all necessary licenses for the online shop. But unfortunately I would still need a n espresso machine and a coffee grinder to be able to prepare the best coffee specialties for you.

18'000,00 €
Wow that would be crazy! With this amount we can secure all the equipment (espresso machine, grinder,..) for the mobile coffee bar and buy the first batch of green coffee.

35'500,00 €
Amazing! The entire investment costs for August 63 would be covered and I could really get started. This sum will enable me to have the mobile coffee bar professionally assembled, to optimize the customer experience in the online store and to cover the green coffee requirements for the entire year.

Who are the people behind the project?

I'm Ken Braz , I've been living in Berlin since 2015 and discovered the fascinating world of specialty coffee during my marketing & communications studies. After my bachelor's degree, I quit my job after a year in the agency world and ventured into the coffee industry. And to this day, I don't regret it!

Starting as a barista, I gained a lot of experience with an espresso machine, about processes and preparation methods. I have participated in several coffee championships, learned how to roast coffee, organized coffee events, worked in marketing for one of the best espresso machine manufacturers in the world and met many exciting and creative people.

I love the direct contact with customers, I like to talk about my passion and enjoy bringing people closer to coffee. All these embodied values and ideals come together in one place - the August 63 mobile coffee bar.

Team August 63

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Augst 63 - mobile coffee roastery

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