The movie "HOME 2 HOME" shows a journey around the world on a bicycle. It tells the story of Dennis and the stories of the people he met on his way. The film impresses with breathtaking landscapes, describes the struggles of a bicycle trip around the world and shows how crazy this world can be sometimes. --- IMPORTANT: HOME2HOME will have an english speaker and a lot of the original sound is in english anyway -> so expect way more than just a subtitled film of the german version! ;)
8,890 €
13,000 € 2nd funding goal
Project successful
 HOME 2 HOME - The movie
 HOME 2 HOME - The movie
 HOME 2 HOME - The movie
 HOME 2 HOME - The movie


Funding period 10/4/19 6:22 PM o'clock - 11/3/19 11:59 PM o'clock
Realisation period January 2020
Funding goal 8,000 €

Let's finish this movie! Together with some other sponsors we can pay for soundtrack, animations, color grading, sound design and more...

2nd funding goal 13,000 €

Flyers, posters, CD and DVD pressing and more. First we do a cinema tour in Germany, but if we can fund a nice amount of money, why not going international?!

Category Movie / Video
City Gelnhausen
Website & Social Media
Legal notice
Opticose Production
Dennis Kailing
Waldblick 7
63571 Gelnhausen-Haitz Deutschland

USt-IdNr.: DE300158678

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