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A game that provides opportunities for conversation and celebrates that which unites us all: our diversity.

We'llcome! Bing({'})h is played like regular bingo. Instead of numbers, the game features cuntastic motifs, each representing a nickname for vulva from around the globe. Affectionately painted and selected from over 180 nicknames collected so far. Bing({'})h is a playful artistic anthropology of sexual representation in language and image that questions taboos in representation and discourse of sexuality. All whilst laughing, marveling, researching, puzzling and learning.
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Privacy notice
Funding period
11/1/20 - 11/30/20
12/2020 - 01/2020
Website & Social Media
Minimum amount (Start level): 4,000 €

Wow! Thanks to your amazing support, the first printed Bing({'})h version Vol .0 is now a reality. Made & paid with ♥ in Berlin

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What is this project all about?

Everyone meet Bing({'})h, the vulva version of regular bingo. Transcending cultural borders, Bing({'})h shines a light on the wonderful world of vulvas. Each vulva is yonique in structure, colour, size and form. Questioning beauty standards, Bing({'})h generates a dialogue surrounding a healthy body image. Both playful and profound, Bing({'})h delves into the realms of philosophy, sociology, fantasy and linguistics. Who knows where the term pussy originated, why the vulva is referred to as beaver in the US and why the vulva is not the vagina? Want to know all this and more? Lean back and enjoy the ride! Find some playmates to start your very own journey into the yoniverse. Learn and laugh, cringe and contemplate. If you enjoy Bing({'})h as much as we do, why not purchase it for your pleasure.

Help us to spread more knowledge and joy and share cuntastic facts with the world.
We cunt on you ♥.
#BingOh #MoreInfoLessWeird #AllBodiesAreBeautiful

Your Bing({'})h game set comes in English & German (everything is translated in both languages) and consists of:

  • 54 playing cards 
(international vulva nicknames from all cuntinents)
  • 20 Tablas
  • a game manual

Mona has been collecting vulva nicknames since 2014. So far, over 100 people from all over the world have cuntributed vulva nicknames to the game ♥. Mona then transformed each nickname into a hand painted intricate watercolour. For Bing({'})h Vol .0, a selection of motifs was made based on the richest diversity of origin and to represent all continents of the world.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our audience
People - with vulvas or without- who enjoy art, fun, games and knowledge all in one.

We have imposed taboos on sexuality and the body that serve no one - regardless of whether a person has a vulva or not. In fact, the cuntrary is true: diversity benefits us all.

Bing({'})h's Mission:

1) EnableEmpowerment: We're all different and that's cuntastic! Let's celebrate diversity! At Bing({'})h, we're all about promoting a better relationship with our bodies, ourselves and others.

2) TackleTaboos: Taboos and norms are human-made. What is considered normal somewhere can seem odd elsewhere. Consider this: Head hair versus pubic hair. Why is one deemed lovely, the other gross? Norms and taboos constantly change which is why we need to question them today, tomorrow and the day after.

3) FacilitateFun: Turn insecurities, fears and issues into laughter.
This is your chance to laugh out loud or keep it in - if you manage not to burst. Delve deeper into the subject (whoops, giggled again) and get to know more about the many terms and topics surrounding the vulva.

Why would you support this project?

You already know how diverse vulvas are, know their anatomy and can freely talk about them as you would about your elbows? Bingooo! That's (s)excellent!

Extend your knowledge with Bing({'})h, bring even more joy into your life and have fun while learning some new and exciting facts. Painted with love and made and paid in Berlin using all possible sustainability skills (we'll produce our cards locally at Berlin's amazing Oktoberdruck printers who offer German salaries, recycled paper and plastic alternatives – it's 2020 after all! Vulvas love nature. And nature loves vulvas).

Since the start of Bing({'})h's (s)expedition in 2014, we have sadly not been able to witness a relaxed and educated approach towards vulvas: Many seem to know only one vulva, if at all. Access to reliable information and the organ's diversity remains scarce. We have imposed taboos on sexuality and the body that serve no one - regardless of whether a person has a vulva or not. On the cuntrary: limited and biased views quickly lead to misconceptions, frustration and possibly even physical injury. Yet sexuality and eroticism are basic human needs. How we deal with them determines community life; determines what society considers love and expressions and manifestations thereof. As "basic needs" imply: they are essential to all people, everywhere. Always have been. Always will be. What this means in practice naturally differs depending on time and place. Precisely because basic needs are so powerful, we must enable various means of communication regarding information, exchange and research. This is what we are cummitted to and (s)excited about! Bye-bye taboos and shame! Welcome discovery, diversity, learning and of course: loads of fun!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Bing({'})h will soon be available for your pleasure in its very first printed edition. Produced in Berlin To find out what costs are invulved in the process, please see a detailed list of the costs below.

Merry Clitmas! Bing({'})h for Xmas
Want to spread the joy? Bing({'})h makes a great Xmas present! Choose from a hand-painted voucher sent via email or alternatively, if we reach our first funding goal by mid-November, we'll send you your game before the Holidays begin.

We also have some small surprises for you from the wonderful world of vulvas. Find more in our updates.

If we reach our 2nd goal
We'll be over the moon! Bing({'})h will be delivered in a photo-realistic game packaging: a lovingly designed vulva cover that may be re-used as an envelope. If we reach our 2nd goal, we can order custom made vulva covers using a punching technique from our Berlin printers Oktoberdruck.
In addition, with each game set we'll send you a poster of the vulva's anatomy painted by Mona so that glands, openings and more will never again be overlooked.

May the vulva be with you!

How do we calculate the costs for Bing({'})h?
To produce 500 printed Bing({'})h games (without packaging) expenses are calculated as follows:

  • Sustainable print & production in Berlin: 7,00 €
  • Graphics support: 3,00 €
  • Website support: 4,00 €
  • Text & translation support: 3,00 €
  • Support Startnext 3% + transit of payment 4%: ca. 1,60€
  • VAT 16%: ca. 3,12 €
  • Shipping, within Germany: min. 2,55 €
  • -> Total, gross: 24,27

If we manage to produce 1000 Bing({'})h games with your help, the cost per piece will be much cheaper at around 20,50 € including packaging, allowing us to invest the remaining funds in further endeavours: expanding vulva wisdom, searching for more nicknames and completing the Vulva World Map as well as launching BingÛh - the penis bingo.

Who are the people behind the project?

Team Bing({'})h

The crowdfunding project has been successfully completed. Supporting and ordering is no longer available on Startnext.

  • The processing of orders placed will be handled directly by the project owners according to the stated delivery time.

  • The production and delivery is the responsibility of the project owners themselves.

  • Cancellations and returns are subject to the terms and conditions of the respective project owner.

  • Revocations and cancellations via Startnext are no longer possible.

What does this mean? 
Legal notice

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