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C/O Berlin at the Amerika Haus
In March 2013 the lights went out for C/O Berlin in the legendary Postfuhramt in Berlin-Mitte. In Autumn 2014 the internationally renowned art venue will turn the lights back on in a new location – Amerika Haus in Berlin-Charlottenburg. C/O Berlin is financing the interior fittings including air-conditioning and safety features, floor covering, exhibition walls, display cabinets and lighting.
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C/O Berlin im Amerika Haus

Stephan Erfurt
Stephan Erfurt1 min Lesezeit

C/O Berlin will wieder durchstarten. Im Herbst 2014 wollen wir das Amerika Haus eröffnen. Hier im Blog erfahrt ihr alle Neuigkeiten rund um unsere Crowdfunding-Aktion!

C/O Berlin at the Amerika Haus