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Wir haben die Kontrolle verloren. Daten, von denen wir nicht wussten, dass es sie gibt, finden Wege, die nicht vorgesehen waren und sagen Dinge aus, auf die wir nie gekommen wären. Wir wurden in ein neues Spiel geworfen und niemand hat uns die Regeln verraten. Ich habe die letzten 3 Jahre Konzepte gesammelt, wie eine lebenswerte Welt nach dem Kontrollverlust aussehen kann. Wo liegen die neuen Gefahren, wo liegen die neuen Lösungen? Darüber möchte ich ein Buch schreiben.
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9 days to go: 15,000 euros reached! - A new turn with Geert Lovink

Michael Seemann
Michael Seemann2 min Lesezeit

We made the 15.000, so there will be an audiobook version/podcast for certain and under the same free license as the book. \o/

But we still have 9 days to go and I have a great idea for a further stretched goal: Together with the famous Internet theorist Geert Lovink, I'd like to publish a decoupling of the main theses of the book in English language. Of course, with the same license as the book and the audio book: the WTFPDL. The essay will be approximately 20,000 words strong and available to all for free - both: in print, and in all major eBook formats.

The book will be published in the series »network notebooks« of the Institute of network cultures. There will be a pad of 4-5 thousand pieces printed. For more information see:

5000 aditional euros are needed for the production, translation and the english proofreading (as you may see on this text, a professional translation is much needed …). If you've already bought a book you will get "The New Game" on top when we reach the 20,000 euro.

Geert Lovink provides the legendary mailing list »nettime-l« since 1995 and is a founding director of media theory »Institute of network cultures (INC)«, based at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. He is one of the earliest and most important network theorists in Europe. Wikipedia:

20,000 euros. Can we do that in the 9 days? That would be great!

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Buch: Das Neue Spiel - Nach dem Kontrollverlust

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