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The LOT in Favoriten is to become a research laboratory, production studio and event space for artists, creatives and researchers of all disciplines.

We have a space. And we have a vision for it: The LOT should become the centrum for transdisciplinary art & artistic research, give work, experimentation and failure a space, and enable visitors to participate and have a real say in what they experience in the space. For this, we need your help. Support us now! 100% of your money will go towards the artistically necessary and sustainable expansion of the LOT.
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Privacy notice
Funding period
5/12/22 - 7/20/22
We are in the midst of it!
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Minimum amount (Start level): 15,000 €

With 23.300€ we can finance the basic equipment for the event and you get your rewards! More information below under "What happens with the money?

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LOT Produktionsstudio Hans-Christian Hasselmann
Hans-Christian Hasselmann
Abbsberggasse 31/2
1100 Wien Österreich
USt-IdNr.: ATU76403713

Hans-Christian Hasselmann

07 391/1752


6/28/22 - Wir haben unser Startlevel nach unten hin...

Wir haben unser Startlevel nach unten hin angepasst, um gemeinsam ein erstes Ziel zu erreichen. Das LOT braucht nicht weniger Mittel, aber wir verstehen, dass die aktuelle Situation dringende Spenden an anderen Stellen fordert. Natürlich hoffen wir weiterhin mit eurer Unterstützung auf die benötigten 23.300 zu kommen - dieses neue Ziel betrachten wir aber als realistische erste Etappe. Ohne diesen Betrag, können wir unsere Arbeit im LOT zukünftig nicht fortsetzen.

6/28/22 - Da unser Crowdfunding einen etwas holprigen...

Da unser Crowdfunding einen etwas holprigen Start hatte - haben wir uns zusammengesetzt um eine Neuausrichtung vorzunehmen und Laufzeit sowie Startlevel angepasst. Im LOT gilt der Grundsatz "It´s a process" - so haben wir wieder vieles gelernt und sind uns sicher, dass wir dieses neue Ziel nun gemeinsam mit euch erreichen können!



INSELMILIEU is Vienna's first reportage podcast. Do you know the feeling of wanting to immerse yourself in the world of strangers? We take you to unusual places, to extraordinary people and talk about topics that are often difficult to talk about.


MITTEN IN FAVORITEN sees itself as a transformer station for the most diverse energies that are at work in a rapidly changing district. We build a multidimensional network through art and cultural formats.

Mondmeer und Marguérite

Mondmeer and Marguérite is a reading series with a lyrical focus. The event, which takes place six times a year, aims to bring young authors together with established ones on one stage.

Kollektiv KLAUS

Kollektiv KLAUS continuously explores the theme of dance in public space and creates site-specific performances. In public interventions, the relationship between dance and topology as well as organisation and space is explored.

Neuer Wiener Musik Verein

Neuer Wiener Musikverein. Society for Music, Culture, Performance Art. And others.

Die fitten Titten

Founded by Julia Riederer, Claudia Lomoschitz, Ernst Lima and Fabiola Hagen, the "lo-fi electro pink punk" project has been stomping into Viennese belt venues since 2017 with tracks like "Zahnmedizin" (Dentistry) and puts Boys like Toys in a corner.


A passionately run, independent "craft beer" brewery in the old Ankerbrot factory in Favoriten. They only make beers that they want to brew. Their focus is on quality, authenticity, taste and innovation.

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