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For over a year now, I have put all of my creativity into writing songs for my concept record ‘Bubbly Joyride To Utopia’. Now it’s time to capture these songs for all to hear onto CD - and therefore we ask for your help In this album, where the guitar takes over the role of the storyteller and accompanies the listeners journey into the realm of imagination - this is where the impossible becomes possible, the dream becomes reality and the imagination has a voice.
1,939 €
 My first album • Bubbly Joyride To Utopia • Dee Dammers
 My first album • Bubbly Joyride To Utopia • Dee Dammers
 My first album • Bubbly Joyride To Utopia • Dee Dammers
 My first album • Bubbly Joyride To Utopia • Dee Dammers
 My first album • Bubbly Joyride To Utopia • Dee Dammers
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About this project

Funding period 9/13/19 5:01 PM - 10/27/19 11:59 PM
Realisation Ca. Januar 2020
Start level 1,900 €

Reaching the first funding goal supports the album production. It will pay the recording process, and part of the Mixing&Mastering.

Category Music
City Köln

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What is this project all about?

This project is all about releasing my very first album, titled ‘Bubbly Joyride To Utopia

  • "Ok, cool cool Dee, but how does that sound?"

You should totally check out the first single! This will give you a good impression about the sound of the album.
[Look for „Dee Dammers Bubbly Joyride“ on YouTube or Spotify]

Catchy rock songs, combined with various genres - such as Prog, Counry, Pop, Fusion, Funk, uvm. and melodic stories...yes, also some virtous stuff
The story is the focus of each song.
Close your eyes and let the music lead you through a fantasy world, where fallen angels, the underworld and paradise exist.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The goal of this project is creating a unique handmade CD: With special song, played by great musicians.
The album ‘Bubbly Joyride To Utopia’, is for everyone who enjoys unusual guitar concepts, which won’t be heard on the radio and won´t be accessable to a mainstream audience; It’s created for a unique audience of special people – like yourself!

Why would you support this project?

Bubbly Joyride To Utopia’ tells stories without words - stories that can´t be described by words; so close your eyes as you listen and let your mind be your guide, through the realm of imagination.

Besides the album – which comes in a nice Digipak, there are unique and exclusive „Thanks“ available, such as Dee’s stage clothing, or signed U.D.O. Setlist - Exclusively availbable here, in order to support the album production.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Producing the album ‘Bubbly Joyride To Utopia’ costs a lot of money, as there are a lot of people involved; for example:

- Musicians
- Mixing
- Artwork creative artists
- Camera operators
- Film editors, this is to list just a few.

Also a lot of companies are involved in the making of this album:

- CD press shop
- shirt printing company
- printers, and many more

Even with a successful campaign, we will be investing our own money – just like you, in order to achieve the best result for this album.

Who are the people behind the project?

Behind this project are Dee Dammers - a professional guitarist, guitar player for Udo Dirkschneider and Stella Von Monroe - music manager & partner of Dee

Robert Söhngen - professional drummer and Leon Dombrowski - professional bass player, who will be recording the album together along side Dee Dammers - song writer and guitarist.

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Gitarrist von Udo Dirkschneider

Ich habe die große Ehre die Gitarre für die deutsche Metal-Legende Udo Dirkschneider zu spielen.

Offizieller Ibanez Artist // Endorsements

Seit Herbst´18 werde ich von Ibanez unterstützt und ebenfalls von: - ENGL Amps - Yamaha Akustik Gitarren - Line6 Effekte - InTune Plektren - Vision Ears InEars - Richter Gurte - Pottrocka Klamotten

Zertifiziert von der Academy Of Music

Ich wurde 2012 von der Academy Of Music in Hamburg zertifiziert :)

My first album • Bubbly Joyride To Utopia • Dee Dammers

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