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Dialogue in the Dark has been pursuing an important mission since 20 years: promoting empathy and dignified employment for blind people. But Corona is questioning our concept. The Dialogue House reopens in Hamburg on 01.10., but we urgently need financial support to carry out the necessary conversion work, as well as training for our employees. Without these measures, we will not be able to work to our full extent and will not be able to survive in the long term.
21,219 €
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 Dialog in the Dark needs your support!
 Dialog in the Dark needs your support!

About this project

Funding period 9/30/20 11:55 AM - 11/11/20 11:59 PM
Realisation Starting in December 2020
Minimum amount (Start level) 20,000 €

Our exhibition areas will be adapted in accordance with Corona specifications, infrared cameras will be installed and our blind guides will be trained.

Category Social Business
City Hamburg

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What is this project all about?

The Corona Pandemic has hit Dialoghaus Hamburg hard! The previous form of encounter in dialogue is suddenly hardly possible and only on a much too small scale. As a result, we are missing out on a large part of our income. The basis of our economic survival as a social enterprise without public funding has been lost. Thanks to the state rescue package and an approved loan with a repayment period starting in 2022, we were able to avert the threat of insolvency for the present moment. But the pandemic has created a new reality. In order to secure the jobs and maintain the attractiveness for our visitors, we must now adapt and develop exhibition formats, carry out conversion measures and turn our blind guides into experts again. This is the only way we can make dialogue in the dark sustainable and economically sound again. And thus also secure jobs for blind people in the future and thus their dignity.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

With your contribution, we can revise the exhibition Dialogue in the Dark and make urgently needed changes. In this way we can secure jobs for our blind employees and remain attractive for our audience. Especially children and young people receive a verifiable life-changing impulses through Dialogue in the Dark. They recognise the potential that lies even in a severe disability and change their perception in relation to other realities of life. It is therefore important that we continue to reach as many people as possible.

Why would you support this project?

We are the leading social enterprise in Germany and have been able to spread our mission worldwide - to 50 countries with 700,000 visitors annually. We have succeeded in keeping an exclusively social mission entrepreneurially alive for over 20 years. Without charitable gifts or state subsidies. Entrepreneurially. We do not see the deficits, but the potentials. In our eyes, blind people are not supplicants, victims or passive recipients of benefits. They have talent and the ability to convey to us who see a world that is rich even without the beautiful sight. They want to make a contribution to society. And have to earn money. This strengthens their self-esteem and leads to many of our blind employees suddenly setting themselves goals - and achieving them - that they never dreamed of before.
Corona has taken all our income and shown that we need to fundamentally revise both our rooms and our concept. We need your support for this! In this way we can continue to employ many blind people in the future and open the eyes of sighted people to the fact that the essential things can only be seen with the heart. We have developed a series of attractive rewards that will give you a valuable consideration for your financial support. Please take a look at which reward is right for you.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Our concrete plans for design and conversion are implemented. We need eight weeks and € 94,000 for this. This gives us a stable basis for continuing to pursue our mission: The jobs for our blind and visually impaired colleagues will be preserved and at least 70,000 people a year will experience the importance of empathy and how inclusion can be lived. We are changing society. You help us to do so.

Who are the people behind the project?

Dialogue in the Dark is the team of Dialoghaus gGmbH with its founder and managing director Andreas Heinecke, successful social entrepreneur and creator of Dialogue in the Dark, who has received several awards for his social commitment, including the German Founders' Prize.

We are 100% driven by our mission: We want to create more consciousness for the social contribution made by disabled, disadvantaged and elderly people. We want to promote the economic situation of blind, deaf and elderly people. Behind this lies the vision of making a significant contribution to overcoming exclusion and injustice.

Despite many positive changes on the political level, participation in public life or inclusive education, many people still do not have the same chances to lead a self-determined life. The barriers are mainly in the minds of society. Our aim is to break them down.

Our thanks go above all to our supporters, promoters and friends who help us to achieve these goals - also for their support in realising this campaign, including

Matthias Maschmann, MaschmannFautzHuff GmbH, agency for meaningful communication,

Thomas Leidig

Nicole Marquardt, Marquardt communication & consulting

Svenja Weber

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MaschmannFautzHuff GmbH

Agentur für sinnvolle Kommunikation

Dialog in the Dark needs your support!

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