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We need thrust! Together we will bring the first German woman into space. Let’s write history together and make the first privately funded German space mission a reality. The first female German astronaut will fly to space in 2020, but her mission starts today. A joint effort now will enable a giant leap!
68,590 €
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 Bring the first female German astronaut into space
 Bring the first female German astronaut into space
 Bring the first female German astronaut into space
 Bring the first female German astronaut into space
 Bring the first female German astronaut into space

About this project

Funding period 3/1/17 9:25 AM - 4/30/17 11:59 PM
Realisation first training period 2017
Start level 50,000 €
Category Science
City Bremen

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What is this project all about?

At the end of April 2017 we will have selected two finalists, who will commence training for a flight to the International Space Station in the middle of 2017. The first milestone in the mission is funding the first months of training. This will include fitness and scuba training, basics of space flight, communication and media training, parabolic flights and space station basics.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

The goal is clear: Fly the first female German astronaut to her mission on board the International Space Station. The objectives of this mission are completely scientific. Until now, all German astronauts have been men, providing a lot of great scientific data. For example on the effects of space on the human body, or on the capacity to deal with psychological and social stress of spaceflight. The first female German astronaut will show that women are as capable to deal with these factors as men. She will be an example to young girls and women, making clear that space exploration by women is not just a vision, but a reality. She will focus on science and will show that a career in space science is possible for all.

With this project, we are aiming at:

Anyone who thinks big,
Anyone who has ever dreamt to fly in space her- or himself,
Anyone who is a stargazer, visionary and space enthusiast

We would like to follow the launch in 2020 together and be able to say: “I contributed to bringing the first female German astronaut into space and writing a new chapter in German space exploration.”

We will follow every milestone in the astronaut training together. Through our media channels we will show how our astronaut trainees will master every step towards becoming an astronaut.

Why would you support this project?

The first female German astronaut is a private initiative. Never before has there been a privately funded German space mission. Together we set a new trend. This astronaut training is the first step towards space.

The astronaut candidates will contribute a lot of their time, effort and enthusiasm to reach their dream goal to become the first female German astronaut on the International Space Station. All they need to reach this weightless dream goal is our support!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

A vision alone won’t make a mission to space happen. To complete a scientific mission on board the ISS in 2020, we will need to train two astronaut trainees. One of them will then ultimately fly to space. The astronaut training is very demanding. It is time consuming and costly. All funds raised in this campaign will flow directly into training of the two candidates. When that isn’t a direct investment into the future…

The first phase of training will cost a total of 228,600 Euro for two candidates.

By reaching the first funding threshold of 50,000 Euro we will be able to finance:

  • Scuba diving certificate 10,400 Euro
  • Basic space station training 19,600 Euro
  • Survival training 19,600 Euro

By reaching the funding goal of 125,000 Euro we will additionally be able to finance:

  • Fitness, Russian language and media training 21,400 Euro
  • Physical, psychological and social stress training 43,400 Euro
  • Technical basics of space exploration seminars 10,700 Euro

By surpassing the funding goal we can realise:

  • Parabolic flight weightlessness training 87,500 Euro
  • Social skills training 16,000 Euro
Who are the people behind the project?

The initiative for the first female German astronaut was taken by a group of visionaries from Bremen in 2016. These people of the first hour include:

  • Claudia Kessler, initiator and CEO of HE Space Operations – a very well known space personality
  • Herwig Renkwitz, director of the VIVID Group – our professional in sports and event management
  • Petra Bamberg, our shining light in networking and communications
  • Matthias Hill, director of Hill Media, our video expert

The team consists of fantastic personalities, who are involved in this project with all their heart, soul, weightlessness and endless enthusiasm.

Support now 

Bring the first female German astronaut into space

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