In April, I will go to Greece for two months to support activists at the border and make a documentary about it. Last year, with a group of friends we got active when there was a big emergency refugee shelter in Nijmegen. Now, this camp is gone, but actually there are still a lot of people on the move who cannot get to a safe destination. This is why I want engage. Then, I want to bring the experiences and encounters back home with me in the form of this movie to inform and inspire.
2,145 €
Flexibel project: The collected funding amount will be disbursed.
 Engage! Activism documentary in Greece
 Engage! Activism documentary in Greece
 Engage! Activism documentary in Greece
 Engage! Activism documentary in Greece
 Engage! Activism documentary in Greece

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Funding period 3/1/17 12:58 PM - 4/4/17 11:59 PM
Realisation Screenings are in July & Aug
Funding goal 1,500 €
2nd funding goal 2,000 €
Category Movie / Video

Project updates


Thank you everyone who has supported up to now!
It's absolutely incredible this crowd funding experience.
Your quick support encourages me, to raise the funding goal from 1500€ to 2000€.
Then, if we reach 1500€, the project is considered successful.
The extra money towards 2000€ will help for the travel costs.
We will be 2 or 3 people driving together. The cost for ferry and the car will be around 600 € minimum.
We can do this!
Very excited and happy,

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