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In Greece I will support activists at the border. The experiences and encounters there I take back to the Netherlands in this documentary.

In April, I will go to Greece for two months to support activists at the border and make a documentary about it. Last year, with a group of friends we got active when there was a big emergency refugee shelter in Nijmegen. Now, this camp is gone, but actually there are still a lot of people on the move who cannot get to a safe destination. This is why I want engage. Then, I want to bring the experiences and encounters back home with me in the form of this movie to inform and inspire.
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3/1/17 - 4/4/17
Screenings are in July & Aug
Minimum amount (Start level): €
1,500 €
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What is this project all about?

Why not talk more about inspiring activism? At the border, human rights are abused constantly. Let's not allow for that to sink into silence!
The starting point of this project is the will to become engaged, to not look away and to confront myself. On the one hand, I am shocked by discriminatory border control, by human rights abuse and by modern detention centers in Lesvos.
On the other hand, I hear of people who go there, who get active, of people who use their privilege of freedom of movement to support people on the move.
This is what this is about: to tell about these people in order to inform about what is up and at the same time to carry hope and inspiration for getting active wherever you are.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Postcards strives to inform, raise awareness and lead to activism. It aims at making young people engage with inhumane conditions at Europe's borders. It builds communities to counteract racism and an apathetic state fuelled by the negativity and channeled nature of information on main stream media. It empowers young people to carry the hope and responsibility for change and a critical worldview.
This is achieved by the following sub-goals:
Firstly, the movie raises awareness. It addresses inhumane conditions as a result of Fort Europe. It criticizes those circumstances, as can be seen in Greece as a detention center for people on the move. It confronts viewers and participants with Europe's blind spot when it comes to human rights. It raises awareness for the de-humanization of people. Secondly, it serves as a report from the border. It informs and archives stories and facts for collective memory. Thirdly, this project promotes curiosity, activism and taking critical standpoints. The movie making process lives of these principles: I will constantly reflect and strive for being active and alert. I will actively engage with who we meet and invite for participation. Forth and lastly, Postcards gives hope, because it shows ways to action, builds community and connects people.
At the return in Nijmegen the documentary will be guerilla- and open air screened in the public space.
This will be in the summer, around July and August. What is better than watching a movie out in the open on warm summer days? This is where you will see this movie. The public space is where it belongs, in order to reach as many people as possible and as openly as possible.
Let's do this together!

Why would you support this project?

In Nijmegen, I was active with a group of friends in a direct action solidarity group called justPeople. When the emergency refugee camp in Heumensoord still existed, we went there, offering coffee, tea and legal information. We found friendships that last until now.
This experience makes me believe in direct action, solidarity, confrontation and reflection. This creates community, shows alternatives and hope!
Critical information and inspiring examples are important, because another world is possible, we have to show it!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

Your support is crucial! Yes, there is the financial part about it. With your support I will be able to buy a camera and some equipment like a microphone, additional batteries and SD-cards.
But it means more to me: I'd love the idea of you coming with me. Because communities make us stronger, they give us input and allow us to learn.
In my case, I know that this trip will also be challenging. It is one thing to read about the fate of people and it is another thing to actually be there.

Who are the people behind the project?

Laura is a documentary filmmaker and activist. Since her MA thesis in Anthropology, she is particularly interested in the public space. She researched how neighbourhood engagement translated into the public space in Santiago de Chile. She has been a part of the Klinker collective, justPeople and Filmcafé Onderbelicht for several years. Recently she co-founded a radical language school in Nijmegen.

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