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We are Ensemble Arava, a German-Israeli baroque ensemble consisting of soprano, violin, cello and harpsichord. We became fascinated with the musical paradise that was the Habsburg Empire in 2017. We were preparing for the H.I.F. Biber Competition in Austria, where we were awarded a special prize. It was for this occasion that we first delved into the baroque music of that region and discovered its rich variety of repertoire for our group. This CD is a bouquet of our favourite pieces.
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Ephi PINSKY 12 hours ago
Pia Praetorius
Pia Praetorius 2 days ago
Osnat Tal
Osnat Tal 3 days ago
Monika Zimmermann
Monika Zimmermann 4 days ago
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Diane Black 4 days ago
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Sabine Teschner 4 days ago
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Anna Reisener 5 days ago
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Frans van Hilten 5 days ago

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The Habsburg Garden of Eden

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