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an open queer-feminist space in Freiburg for lustful and self-determined loving and learning

Freiburg needs a queer-feminist Sex-Shop! Support us in making this idea come true! We want to create a place where people feel comfortable and can come into exchange about their own sexuality. With bodysafe products, personal advice in the store and workshops to talk about sexuality, desire and body at eye level - without dusty clichés and discrimination, sexpositive and open to all people with all orientations! Get some cool rewards or just give us a free support! Or both ;-)
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Funding period
12/25/21 - 2/22/22
spring 2022
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Minimum amount (Start level): 3,000 €

Reached the starting level? Yay! We can cover running costs and continue to implement our ideas step by step. More cash? Everything becomes reality faster.

Freiburg im Breisgau
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What is this project all about?

Our goal is to run our own shop in Freiburg. In the center of the city and with an inviting atmosphere. In our dream there is an additional room next to the store area, where we ourselves offer events around the topics sexuality, desire and body. We also want to rent out space to other groups and experts for workshops. And then there should also be the possibility to purchase our selected, bodysafe products in an online store.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We want to address all people who, just like us, wish for a de-tabooing of the topics sexuality and body. For less shame and more self-determined discovery.

To us being queer feminist means thinking trans inclusive and non-binary to enable bodily and sexual self-determination for all. We want to leave patriarchy behind and think anti-capitalist (and yes, putting that into practice in a retail store makes us wonder from time to time). Together, let's dust off and rethink society's concepts of sex, gender, and power!

Why would you support this project?

Support us to:

  • Make our dream of a Sex-Shop with queer-feminist aspirations in Freiburg become reality.
  • To give the topic of body and sexuality a public space and attention.
  • To create a place that can be co-designed by all of us with workshops, lectures, storytelling cafés....
  • Besides all that you can choose one (or many) of our unique thank-you gifts and "do something good" at the same time


How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?


We have plenty of ideas and work on their implementation step by step - more cash gives us more freedom and lets things become reality faster:

3.000 € cover previous or running costs (e.g. for booths, insurance, domain, producing merch, purchase some sextoys as demonstration objects e.g. for our feelbox, ...)

15.000 € enable the first order of our product range (sextoys, books, selection of gender affirming products, sustainable menstruation products, ...)

20.000 € help to realize an interim solution until our own permanent store becomes reality (pop-up, small mobile, ...)

25.000 € are needed for remodeling, deposit and first rents of our own dream-shop

35.000 € for a professional webshop to make us independent from the location and other struggles, for example like the pandemic right now and to better cross-finance our educational offer

50.000 € cover running costs of the first year (operating costs, rent, staff costs, inventory,..), so that we don't have to worry about finances, but can dive into the content work right away.

Who are the people behind the project?

We are a queer-feminist collective - ten people with a diversity of knowledge, motivations and ideas!

We combine professional experiences from working at universities, in education, retail (fair trade), in the (sub-)cultural field, as psychologists, future sex educators and as social workers. In addition, we have been involved in various (self-organized) projects and collectives for many years.

We know each other from these different contexts. Now we have joined forces to pursue a new goal: Finally a queer-feminist Sex-Shop for Freiburg! To create a place where people can talk about sexuality and bodies openly and without shame, and where we can all learn from and about each other.

Erogene Zone

Mehr als ein Geschäft: Kollektive und kreative Ideen mit feministischen Anspruch für queeres und sexpositives aufbegehren!
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