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Femme Rebellion is a D.I.Y. Festival that wants to establish a non hierarchical space for musicians and music lovers of all gender.
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 Femme Rebellion Festival 3
 Femme Rebellion Festival 3
 Femme Rebellion Festival 3
 Femme Rebellion Festival 3

About this project

Funding period 6/28/18 11:57 AM - 8/28/18 11:59 PM
Realisation 22./23./24. November 2018
Start level 300 €

With your money we will be able to pay the printing costs for posters and leaflets.

Category Music
City Hamburg

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What is this project all about?

At the beginning of the 90s many bands within the Riot Grrrl movement started a rebellion in order to fight for equal rights on the stage. After so many years we still have a long way to go.

Inspired by the Neska Rock, a small festival in the Basque Country, and the Femme Rebellion tour of the two Spanish bands Milenrama and Penadas por la Ley, we want to bring this spirit to Germany and be part of this new attempt.

Four Bands, three locations, a lot of good music, 100% D.I.Y., free from sexism, racism and money-madness.


Frank Love (Soulpunk, Vancouver)
„Been at it for 5 years, but let's be frank, no one really gives a shit do they?“ Frank Love say about themselves. But that is wrong. We really do fancy these guys from Vancouver, that name drinking and screaming as their interests and sound like some Siouxsie And The Banshees freshly washed in a bath of slam-dance: electrified!

Sisters Mind Trap (Garage Blues Punk, São Paulo)
Born in distant lands, between ashes and the wind coming from all directions. In 2016 they met during a long and creepy journey, in a very dark cave. A coffee bottle, cigarettes, guitar and drums, that’s all they need. And they follow this constant path, to keep the coffee fire, the dancing spirits and the unquiet minds. Primitive music for everlasting broken hearts

Bloody Mary Una Chica Band (Grunge Blues One Lady Band, São Paulo)
Armed with a red guitar like the blood in her name, Bloody Mary Una Chica Band distills all her strength to very loud garage noise. In São Paulo, the city where her poison and life flows, everything happens at the same time just like this one lady band. The sound is distorted, the beat is precise and the torn and drunken voice drinks heavily from Two Tears and Margaret Doll Rod. Who ever might think that one single person would be uncapable to cope with the power of a whole band, should come and learn!

Hello Taiwan (Feminist Punk, Saloniki)
From the Balkans to the Far East everyone is smitten with the charm of these four Greek: powerful right-in-your-face-Punk with a dose of Noise and vocals, that dig their way deep into your ears - oscillating between summoning sprechgesang and Party anthems.
and more tbc...

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

We want to abolish hierarchies and separation and empower people of all gender to enter to the stage and live their dream of a better world - with positive energy and a lot of electrifying music.
No matter what they keep telling you: the stage is for everyone!

Why would you support this project?

Especially in punk scene, where people discuss sexism since long time, actually it is still no matter of course to truly live equality. Therefore, we want to join everyone who shares our issue and fight for a music world, in which - one day - there will be no more hierarchies and no more sexism.

Feel free to join us, help us to make this real and spread the word! Come to the concerts. Let's build a better world!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

With your donations we will be able to pay the printing costs for posters and leaflets to promote the concerts. Furthermore we hope to be able to pay - with your support - the travel costs of the bands. So you are very welcome to donate more than the original funding goal, as we are completely independent of commercial sponsors and prefer to rely on a community that shares our dream ;-)

Who are the people behind the project?

We are a group of people that work as musicians, stage technicians or volunteers in communal centers. As such we do experience in our daily life, how we are regularly inhibited by enduring prejudices and unwritten laws. So many people that due to their gender role don't dare to enter the stage and raise their beautiful voices. We want to change that situation without establishing new separations. We want to give empowering and cheerful examples that inspire people.

Project updates

8/26/18 - Hey guys! we finally have our bus and are...

Hey guys! we finally have our bus and are willing to share with you this special experience! do you want to drive with us to the concerts? then hurry up and get one of the 15 seats on the Femme Rebellion Fest tour bus!
Available here on startnext!
See you on the road!

8/7/18 - Line-Up & Venues complete: Femme Rebellion...

Line-Up & Venues complete: Femme Rebellion 3 in Berlin will be hosted by about blank! Cavity Search from Hamburg & Hello Taiwan from Thessaloniki will join us. We are so happy!
Die Bands und alle Konzertorte stehen nun fest: In Berlin wird die 3. Femme Rebellion vom about blank empfangen! Als Bands haben wir Cavity Search aus Hamburg & Hello Taiwan aus Thessaloniki gewinnen können. Wir freuen uns riesig!

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about blank

Disco-Kollektiv für hedonistisch-insurrektionalistische Dialektik

Die Friese Bremen

Selbstverwaltetes Jugendzentrum im Bremer Steintor-Viertel.

Centro Sociale Hamburg

Das Centro Sociale ist ein autonomer Nachbarschaftstreff im Hamburger Karolinenviertel, der 2008 von vielen Anwohner_innen erkämpft wurde, um einen Gegenpunkt zur zunehmenden Kommerzialisierung des Viertels zu schaffen.

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Femme Rebellion Festival 3

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