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The Harmonica Festival in Berlin - help us make it happen. Help us to fascinate as many people as possible for this great instrument.

The first HARMONICA FEN FESTIVAL was in 2022, and it was a great success. For the next festival in 2024, we hope to reach even more people. Our goal is to create a series of festivals. The HARMONICA FEN FESTIVAL will make the harmonica visible in a sustainable way. Although many people have a harmonica at home, only a few people know about its musical richness. At the HARMONICA FEN FESTIVAL we want to present the harmonica, its variety of sounds and forms of musical expression.
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Funding period
10/9/23 - 11/27/23
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"Funding goal": 25,000 €

This money makes our festival possible. It helps us to cover a part of our costs, e.g. for fair fees, accommodation and catering or room rent.

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What is this project all about?

With the HARMONICA FEN FESTIVAL we want to inspire people and show them what the harmonica is all about. You might be familiar with the harmonica in blues and rock music, but did you know that the harmonica is also played in classical music, jazz, Balkan and oriental music? At our festival you can experience all these styles in a colorful mix of three or four evening concerts. Fantastic players from Germany, Europe, Israel, Japan, India and Taiwan will be coming to Berlin for the festival. They are already looking forward to meeting the festival visitors in workshops and lectures during the festival, to exchange ideas and make music together.

With the harmonica, we want nothing less than to make the world a little bit better. It’s a big goal, indeed, but this instrument has the power to touch people’s hearts and bring them together. Sigrid Candler, the woman on our cover picture, symbolizes this for us. She was a well-known harmonica player during the 1950s in Berlin. We discovered her photo in the archives of the German Accordion and Harmonica Museum. We fell in love with her immediately.

If you are a representative of a company and interested in sponsoring, write to "Freunde der Mundharmonikaspielkultur e.V.": [email protected]

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our goals - We wish to bring people together with the power of the harmonica. We want to show the harmonicas great musical potential.
Our target group

  • people who love music and are enchanted by this charming little instrument.
  • people who love the harmonica or are simply curious about it.
  • people who want to discover new things.

Why would you support this project?

The harmonica brings people together
At the HARMONICA FEN FESTIVAL 2022 we experienced how much the harmonica can bring people together. World-renowned professionals and players from all over Europe sat together with festival guests, sharing their experiences, amazement and joy of music.
The harmonica inspires
We heard people who have had little contact with the harmonica saying, "I didn't know a harmonica sounded like that."- Is there a more beautiful motivation to continue?
We need your support
For the next festival, we need support from people like you. From people who share our love for music, or from people who are just curious about music and maybe even for the harmonica.

With your support you become part of our little movement that wants to make the world a little better with the power of the harmonica.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

We will celebrate our festival for the harmonica together. We will show the fascinating potential of this wonderful instrument!
You can watch our video of the HARMONICA F E N FESTIVAL 2022 to see how this could look. Here is the link. Enjoy!

Who are the people behind the project?

Friends of the harmonica playing culture – harmonica enthusiasts are people who are convinced that the harmonica can do great things. They are members of the association "Freunde der Mundharmonikaspielkultur e.V."
Marko – is professional harmonica player and founder of the harmonica school berlin. When he invites the world's best players to Berlin, they come. Marko is the curator and creative head of the HARMONICA F E N FESTIVALS.
Julia – is project manager of the HARMONICA F E N FESTIVAL. Julia manages the harmonica school berlin together with Marko and keeps things running smoothly backstage.
Sören – is a musician, friend and our cultural manager. We owe the festival in this wonderful place to him. Without his great trust and support, the festival could not exist.
harmonica school berlin – many great people from all over Germany who support us and help us wherever they can.

We all stand behind this project with heart and soul. Thank you for your trust.

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What does this mean? 
Legal notice
Freunde der Mundharmonikaspielkultur e.V.
Marko Jovanovic
10961 Berlin Deutschland

11/2/23 - Wir verlängern unsere Crowdfunding-Kampagne...

Wir verlängern unsere Crowdfunding-Kampagne bis zum 27.11. und danken Euch für die tolle Unterstützung. Wir sind zuversichtlich, dass wir 2024 das HARMONICA FEN FESTIVAL feiern können. Bitte teilt den Link weiter mit Freunden und Bekannten.

We have extended the crowdfunding campaign until 11/27. Thanks for your incredible support. We are confident that we can celebrate the HARMONICA FEN FESTIVAL in 2024. Please keep sharing the link.

Danke! Thank you!
Marko and Julia

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