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Footprint Project - Leggi Leggi! debut cd & vinyl
All of us from the Footprint Project say Hello and thank you for your attention! We have a plan: We want to release our first album 'Leggi Leggi!' this december on CD and Vinyl and could use a little of your support. Whether it's a little money, a word to someone or listening to our music, we're thankful for everything!
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Daily Footprint #2

Nils Brzoska
Nils Brzoska1 min Lesezeit

Noch völlig überwältigt von eurer sofortigen Unterstützung waren wir im Studio und haben unseren Produzenten Kai Mader zur Verzweiflung getrieben. Viel fehlt nicht mehr!


Still amazed by the first examples of your support we went down to Lalonova Studio for a mix session with our producer Kai Mader. Only missing a few touches now!

Footprint Project - Leggi Leggi! debut cd & vinyl