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Footprint Project - Leggi Leggi! debut cd & vinyl
All of us from the Footprint Project say Hello and thank you for your attention! We have a plan: We want to release our first album 'Leggi Leggi!' this december on CD and Vinyl and could use a little of your support. Whether it's a little money, a word to someone or listening to our music, we're thankful for everything!
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Daily Footprint #3

Nils Brzoska
Nils Brzoska1 min Lesezeit

Eure Unterstützung ist atemberaubend. Über 3000 Euro in 5 Tagen! Mit gestärktem Rücken machen wir weiter, bspw. mit der Fertigstellung unseres Musikvideos! Danke!


Your support is breathtaking. More than 3000 Euros in just 5 days! With more confidence we can now take on other things like finishing our music video! Thank you!

Footprint Project - Leggi Leggi! debut cd & vinyl