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Jamba Career for All is here to unlock the potential of people with disabilities by building digital skills and breaking down barriers. We are developing an inclusive, digital platform that facilitates entry into new career fields through training & job matching. Our vision is to make the platform accessible to everyone everywhere. We connect people and their talents with companies fit for the future. Are you in?
8,013 €
Rosalie Mesgarha
Rosalie Mesgarha Projektberater "Magnificent how the power of the crowd became visible here."
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Privacy notice
 Future of Work 4 All
 Future of Work 4 All
 Future of Work 4 All
 Future of Work 4 All
 Future of Work 4 All

About this project

Funding period 1/12/21 9:10 AM - 2/10/21 11:59 PM
Realisation 12 months
Startlevel 7,500 €

This support will help us expand our job-oriented online & offline training program for people with disabilities based on needs & interests

Category Social Business
City Wien
Website & Social Media
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Soziale Zukunft - Verein zur Förderung der Integration behinderter Menschen
Iva Tsolova
Belvederegasse 37/14
1040 Wien Österreich

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