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Become an “Agent of Change” - Together, let’s make inclusive work and an inclusive future possible for people with disabilities!

Jamba Career for All is here to unlock the potential of people with disabilities by building digital skills and breaking down barriers. We are developing an inclusive, digital platform that facilitates entry into new career fields through training & job matching. Our vision is to make the platform accessible to everyone everywhere. We connect people and their talents with companies fit for the future. Are you in?
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1/12/21 - 2/10/21
12 months
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Minimum amount (Start level): 7,500 €

This support will help us expand our job-oriented online & offline training program for people with disabilities based on needs & interests

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What is this project all about?

In Austria, 18.4% of residents over the age of 15 are reported to have "a permanent disability" and 77% of these 1.3 million people have mobility problems (based on their own statements). Only 56% of the working-age people with disabilities are "employed or looking for work." (Sources: Ministry of Social Affairs 2020, Statistics Austria 2016).

On the other hand, companies in Austria face difficulties finding Information&Communication Technology specialists (Digitalisation in Austria-Report, 2019). Personal resources lie at the center of this challenge.

Our goal at Jamba is to build the skills of people with disabilities through digital know-how and connect them with the companies that are looking for exactly these resources. This bridge we build creates a win-win situation for both sides and the challenges of the future can be mastered more easily together.

To equip candidates with the right entry into the future of work, we support through:

  • Inclusive and barrier-free training.
  • Know how in future-oriented topics, such as information and communication technologies (ICT) and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Advancement of important soft skills and languages (e.g. CV, interview, English trainings)

We accompany applicants step by step on their way to a new job: from training and the joint preparation of application documents to the job interview. We also support and accompany applicants after they have been hired in order to create long-term added value for the company and the employee.

Our non-profit organization not only supports the applicants themselves, we also create awareness among employers and society by focusing on skills.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our target group includes both people with disabilities and companies that are forward-looking and looking for resources in the area of digitization.

Our main goals in this project are:

  • We'll prepare people with disabilities for the emerging jobs so that they remain competitive. We already had a pilot training on data&image annotation. This training program will be extended to other topics in ICT/KI/ML (machine learning).
  • Likewise, we want to help companies expand their talent pool and accessibility in digitization processes.
  • We want to create awareness and accessibility for new job opportunities and home office opportunities.
  • Our project is also closely linked to the SDG goals (#4 Quality Education, #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, #10 Reducing Inequalities).

We connect people's skills and talents with the companies of the future! To make this accessible to a broader community, we are working on an accessible e-learning and job matching portal. In the innovation process, we will work with stakeholders to finalize our solution. In the innovation and development process, we collaborate with all key stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why would you support this project?

Inclusion and mastering new, digital challenges is the responsibility of all of us! Together we enable change and PROFESSIONAL PARTICIPATION!

Right now, the pandemic shows us that we can only conquer challenges together. Each and every one of us can contribute so that we can grow together as a society and look to the future stronger.

With the digital and 4th industrial revolution, society now has all the means to strive for inclusion. Become with us an Agent of Change because inclusion is everyone’s responsibility.

People with disabilities are full of potential, at Jamba we want to unlock that potential and close the gap between unemployment and skills shortages in the areas of ICT (information communication technologies) and AI (artificial intelligence).

The pandemic has accelerated new digital technologies but participation in them is not equal, too, such as in remote working.

Our mission is to make digitalization work for social good. THE LIFE AND THE FUTURE OF WORK SHOULD BE INCLUSIVE.

The Jamba Austria project is inspired by the positive results achieved by Jamba Bulgaria since 2017:
->600 people with disabilities trained;
->340 obtained jobs in local and international companies;
->Numerous social events and awareness campaigns.

In addition, Jamba won some prestigious awards with our previous project in Bulgaria, which strengthened us and our mission:

  • Forbes Business Awards Bulgaria
  • 30 under 30 Forbes Europe
  • NewEurope 100
  • Clinton Global Initiative
  • The John Atanasoff Award of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Zero Project Award

Our experience and results have shown that we are on the right track. With our new and passionate team in Austria, we want to collaborate with existing Austrian initiatives and complement them with our innovative program focused on digitalization. Together we will achieve an even greater impact!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

100% of the money will go to our project: building the skills of people with disabilities and connecting them with the right companies. The money raised will support us for the development of our online & offline training program and inclusive platform for e-learning and job matching.

In 2021 we would like to launch a sustainable training program in Austria:

  • duration between 6 and 9 months
  • professional trainings in Information Communication Technologies & Artificial Intelligence, soft skills and English

Our NGO makes trainings and coaching available to candidates on a free of charge-basis. And each additional sum achieved in this campaign, will help us to support more people with disabilities with our solution.

Become an Agent of Change with us! Let's make inclusive work possible for ALL people!

Who are the people behind the project?

The JAMBA team in Austria is very diverse and brings a lot of experience from different areas to successfully implement the project.

Iva Tsolova is co-founder and managing director of JAMBA Bulgaria and brings this know-how also to Austria. She is also an expert for small businesses and enterprises with several years of experience for business development.

Selma Pezerović is our expert of communication and community engagement. She has several years of experience in projects related to human rights and minorities, such as Roma community in Croatia. She is also a certified teaching assistant for children with disabilities, refugees and Roma children.

Dr. Selin Öner-Kula is our expert on finance and strategy, with many years of experience in investment banking and private companies. Through her doctoral studies, she has also specialized in digital platforms. Making digitization work for the common good is her mission.

Laura Dumas Kozub, with a background in human resource development, gained a lot of international experience in her career so far, including the US and Germany. She is a passionate inclusion advocate who believes in building diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations.

Our IT specialist is Joachim Tecklenburg. He has a graduate degree in medical technology and is happy to contribute his technical know-how, because he is convinced that accessibility not only improves the lives of people with special needs, but of all of us!

Jamba Career Austria

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