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Get Freekeh!   The power-grain from Palestine
In Palestine we discovered a power grain that people traditionally used for thousands of years – Freekeh – green harvested wheat roasted over an open fire. Freekeh is a natural health booster, a wonderful resource of protein and most importantly – it is just delicious! We want to bring this organic grain onto your plate. With this campaign you support farmers in Palestine safeguarding their livelihoods and creating peaceful perspectives. Join in!
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 Get Freekeh!   The power-grain from Palestine
 Get Freekeh!   The power-grain from Palestine
 Get Freekeh!   The power-grain from Palestine
 Get Freekeh!   The power-grain from Palestine
 Get Freekeh!   The power-grain from Palestine

About this project

Funding period 9/30/16 1:38 PM - 11/16/16 11:59 PM
Realisation November 2016
Start level 10,000 €
Category Food
City Berlin

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What is this project all about?

World consumption is dividing societies and inflaming conflicts all over the world. Conflictfood wants to turn the tables – encourage peaceful trading and socially sustainable development.

Personally, the Conflictfood-team is travelling to conflict regions all over the world to find best country-specific products and build up direct trade relations with local small farmers. Together with you we:

  • open up long lasting perspectives for the people living in regions of conflict
  • strengthen local structures
  • fight causes of forced flight

What we have done so far!
Our first product is coming from Afghanistan. Where once opium was growing now an independent women’s collective is cultivating finest saffron by hand with respect to old traditions. We visited the collective and brought their saffron to Europe.

What are we doing with your support!
We started our saffron project very successfully. Now we want to bring the in Europe basically unknown Bio Freekeh from Palestine - green harvested wheat roasted over an open fire.

To every Conflictfood product we add a special newspaper informing about the people, the history, the culture and of course about the conflict. A share of our incomes we transfer back to personally selected educational projects at the countries of origin
That way, your purchase and support will be one step towards a peaceful future!

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

You are just fed up with buying food coming from dubious origins?
Conflictfood only supports direct trade. We know our producers by name. We are only exporting amounts that the regions can spare. Our products are Bio and more than fair. Our partners are determining the prices – not the other was around. If necessary we help to introduce Bio certifications.

You love to eat well and healthy?
Well, in that case Freekeh is exactly what you need! Freekeh is full of proteins and fibre. It is an ideal food for athletes and people suffering diabetes!
And the best part about it is: It is just delicious!

You like to try something new?
Bio-Freekeh is exactly what you’ve been waiting for! The burning of green wheat is a tradition that has been practiced in Palestine for centuries. Now it’s about time that the precious corn comes to Europe.

You want to change the world, but don’t know how?
Conflictfood is standing up for a special kind of trade:

  • responsible and sustainable
  • direct – without intermediaries
  • based on partnership

Purchasing Conflictfood products has numerous positive effects.

Moreover, a part of the revenues is redirected into educational projects!

How can I use Freekeh?
You can prepare delicious salads, steaming hot soups and tasty cakes or cookies. Freekeh is so versatile and easily cooked. Once you’ve tried it, you don’t want to miss it anymore – we promise!

Why would you support this project?

Our consumption is affecting people all over the world.
Your consumption patterns are part of a political decision. Together with you we want to strike out a new direction and convince others that social responsibility and trade go hand in hand.

We are not a food cooperation exploiting other countries and producers, enforcing land grabbing and destroying nature for the greed of profit.
We are Conflictfood, a small social Start-up from Berlin.
We really want to shake things up and show that another path should be taken –has to be taken!

Conflictfood is your alternative. We encounter our partners as equals. Together we want to open up peaceful perspectives and new markets safeguarding their livelihoods and fighting poverty.

Your consumption is powerful!

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded? 

Your engagement helps us to build and strengthen trade relations to Palestine as well as to import Palestinian products to Germany.

  • The journey: we have to travel Palestine in search of new partners – your support is financing the travel expenses we need for the formation of our network in Palestine.
  • The purchase: We buy Bio Freekeh directly from farmers located in the Northern part of the West Bank.
  • Transport: the fresh Bio Freekeh is directly shipped via Israel to Europe.
  • Warehouse und logistics: The Freekeh is packaged by Delphin Workshops – Workshops for disabled people.
  • Design and packaging: Great products needs great presentation! Lisa Baur is responsible for our design including our Freekeh packaging.
  • Research and journalism: With each package you also receive a newspaper – Peaces of Palestine - reporting on the current situation in Palestine / Israel, political analysis, interviews and recipes.
Who are the people behind the project?

!Behind this project is – Conflictfood – a young social Startup from Berlin founded by Salem El-Mogaddedi and Gernot Würtenberger.

Originally from the field of sales, fashion and marketing and Salem now is responsible for communications. He is interested in politics and global linkages and likes to think outside the box. He loves food, meeting with friends, listening to Jazz music and especially, dancing in the sun. Sometimes he also enjoys just doing nothing.

is an architect from Vienna living in Berlin now for 6 years. He is strategist and is an advocate for human rights. Gernot is a passionate cook, likes to watch TV-shows, classical music and electronic beats, also he enjoys paddling on the Spree.

Both founders love to travel far away from mass tourism and strongly support SUSTAINABILITY.

Laura just completed her studies in Political Science and Communication Science with a special focus on international conflicts. Her critical approach to global developments and her passion for culinary delights led her to join Conflictfood. She is responsible for the editorial and research.

Melisa After graduating in Sustainable Development at the University of Edinburgh she moved to Berlin to be part of the vibrant start-up culture and diverse environment. With first-hand experience in social media management she’s handling Conflictfood’s social media channels now. The topics closest to her heart, which she deals with on her own blog are sustainability in fashion, gender stereotypes and feminism.

Conflictfood wants to cultivate peace!
Careful research, numerous conversations, constant contact, regional know how and of course some tastings on the spot: We are searching for the best regional delicacies from conflict regions and encourage direct fair trade with small farmers. Our aim create long lasting perspectives for the people affected by conflict and to fight the causes of forced flight!

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Get Freekeh! The power-grain from Palestine

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