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Imagine never having cold feet again! Your beloved socks from Alpaca wool keep you warm! You feel good – our Alpacas will feel good too!

Our "DOLPHINS OF THE PASTURES" will KEEP YOU WARM! All of the ingredients to your most beloved piece made from natural Alpaca fibre grase right here in the Spree Forest, Germany. They are sometimes referred to as “Dolphins of the Pastures” and will warm your heart and spirit. We intend to share our knowledge about one of the most valuable natural fibers besides cashmere – With your support, we will produce soft knitting wool and the warmest socks, cuddly beds and outdoor clothing, just for you!
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2/22/16 - 5/15/16
from now on till December 2016
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5,000 €
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What is this project all about?

  • We will create a place to meet the “Dolphins of the pastures” at the first, community supported Alpaca Finca in Germany. Take them on a stroll through our beautiful nature.
  • We will share and spread our knowledge surrounding Alpaca fiber and all of its wonderful properties. We will also craft regional textile products and clothing from natural fibers and share how to create them.
  • This project is also about you and education. It is more than just buying a finished product: Together with you, an engaged school and many others you will have a part in shaping what you are wearing on your skin.

The community surrounding the ALPACA FINCA believes in the importants of taking some time of peace and quiet. The calm and gentle spirit and the peace of these animals have a positive effect on us humans. Meeting, trekking and walking with our Alpacas is a wonderful opportunity to talk a stroll through nature with your loved ones.
Organic, Yoga and Slow food is what everybody talks about. We want to create a more conscious and sustainable alternative to “Fast Shopping”. How does a hand made, lovingly knitted and thoroughly crafted thread of Alpaca wool feel like on our skin? Have we already forgotten? It is our believe, that it feels just like the cuddly warmth of a fire place and that is our driving passion:
Our Alpacas will warm your hearts.
They will warm your spirits.
They will keep you warm.

What is the project goal and who is the project for?

Our aim is to create warmth to wear together with you – clothing that does not require any debate on sustainability. You know the animals, will never have cold feet again and will be a part of the creative process. The Alpacas will feel good – and you will too.

The community surrounding the ALPACA FINCA believes that it is time to finally wear a warm and beloved piece of clothing from natural fibers on your skin again. The knowledge surrounding the origins and craft must not be lost. We care about fair working conditions, toxic free fibres and a sustainable production chain.
We will bring people together, who want to push sustainable fashion forward. Together we will finance and spread our ideals. We will use this communal network and its power to, step by step, create a regional Alpaca fibre production. Thanks to your support we remain independent from loans and avoid the (greedy) loan sharks. That helps us to use every Cent very effectively and thus make the product more affordable.

Why would you support this project?

....Alpaca fibre has properties that cannot be beaten:
[1] Alpaca fibre grows as a regional, renewable, organic ressource in more than 22 natural colours (chemicals for dying not necessary). Right here on our pastures at home.
[2] It is extremely soft, resistant to pilling and perfectly suitable for people suffering from allergies since they do not contain any wool fat.
[3] Alpaca hair is light as a feather and, in contrast to sheep wool, creates an optimal temperature balance on the skin: Cool and insulative when it is warm outside and warm when it is cold.

…because our Alpaca Finca embodies a sense of community and conscious consumption.
…because it is a network and creates connections between people to grow together. Alpacas feel best in good company. Us humans too!
…because it is time to finally wear a warm and beloved piece of clothing from natural fibers on your skin again.
...because we will strengthen regional textile production and keep knowledge surround this valuable fibre alive.
...because it gives others hope when a small family business creates an existence in the country side and tries to get something good on the way.

How will we use the money if the project is successfully funded?

You can find an example pledge in the picture gallery: The sock! It illustrates how the funds for each pledge will be distributed and we hope to ensure you that we will do so responsably.
Our Funding Goals:
5.000 EUR+ You will hold finest knitting wool in your hands, Baby-Alpaca & Royal Alpaca quality! We will realize unforgettable visits to the ALPACA FINCA and you will get close to the animals. We will share our knowledge about this valuable natural fabric and keep it alive in our educational cooperation with a school in Berlin and with lots of knitting fans.
7.000 EUR+ We will design and produce cozy Alpaca beds from our animal's fibers and will create a wonderful atmosphere for sleeping and replenishing your energy!
10.000 EUR+ We will start our regional production of Alpaca-socks and accessories (e.g. pulse warmers, loops) with our own animals. No more cold feet, ever again...
17.000 EUR+ We will take on the outdoor market. Fibers that can protect the animal in temperatures ranging from -20 to +20 degrees surely have the potential to be used to create warm vests, outdoor sleeping bags and wintersport-outfits.

Who are the people behind the project?

The community surrounding the ALPACA FINCA is made of pioneers of Alpaca breeding in Germany, smart kids from the Emil Molt Waldorf school in Berlin, knitters from the regions with their hand made and hand designed pieces from Baby-Alpaca wool. A herd of lovely Alpacas and their fans and the family and friends of the “Alpacawhisperer” in the Spree Forest.

...AND YOU and YOUR FRIENDS of course
Without your support, our dream would be just that, a dream. You are the decisive factor for the success of our project and the change towards an ecological direction for the textile branch.
For that we already say thank you to all of those who have helped and will help us with their ideas, their critics and of course their invested capital in the project. You deserve our deepest and most honest gratitude.

Das Team um die Alpakaflüsterin

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Alpacas of Density

Wir -Frank und Kerstin Niemann- züchten seit 10 Jahren unsere liebenswerten Woll- Lieferanten auf ca. 9 Hektar Weideland.

Bei Hofführungen können unsere Besucher bis zu 150 Alpacas ansehen.

Die Alpakaflüsterin

Wanderungen mit Alpakas | Landlädchen & Online Shop | Feinste Alpakawolle | modernes StrickDesign | Gutscheine | Socken Mützen | Pullover | Stulpen | Baby- und Kinderstrick...


Die Gemeinschaft um die ALPACA FINCA

MACH MIT. Hier enstehen neue Ideen. Hier ist Raum für Austausch und Kreativität. GEMEINSAM bringen wir ökologischen Wind in die Textilbranche.

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