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GREEN DEAL is a strategic board game for 3-5 players. Lead an international corporation in 2050! Try to predict the moves of your competitors and develop your own corporate strategy to win against the tough competition in GREEN DEAL!
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4/15/14 - 5/15/14
Mai 15
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9,000 €
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Juma Al-JouJou & Sebastian Leitsch GbR
Juma Al-JouJou
Ackerstraße 174
10115 Berlin Germany

USt-ID-Nummer: DE288176950

9/25/14 - Da ich Verbesserungsvorschläge für die Regeln...

Da ich Verbesserungsvorschläge für die Regeln erhalten hatte, habe ich die Regeln angepasst.
Die aktualisierten Regeln befinden sich immer online:

---------ENGLISH BELOW--------------------

Since I received hints for the rulebook, I adjusted it. Each time I adjust the rulebook, I put it online:

5/14/14 - Verbeserungsziel : €13.000 Coole Holzfiguren...

Verbeserungsziel: €13.000
Coole Holzfiguren für die Weltkarte

Stretchgoal: €13.000
Cool wooden pieces for the world map

5/11/14 - 2 weitere Rezensionen/ 2 further reviews...

2 weitere Rezensionen/ 2 further reviews about Green Deal:


4/23/14 - GREEN DEAL Review A user on Boardgamegeek...

A user on Boardgamegeek wrote a detailed review about GREEN DEAL: „I have no complaints to make - I just loved the game“

4/16/14 - Rules Here you find the rules of GREEN...

Here you find the rules of GREEN DEAL in English and German:
(not formatted by our designer yet, though)


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GREEN DEAL - The Strategy Board Game

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